Dressing Up for Zoom Meetings: The New Normal

April 28, 2020
Dressing up for Zoom meetings: The new normal

Do you know what's the latest buzz in town? Dressing up for Zoom meetings!

History suggests pandemics and economic depressions result in upheaval of how the world operates and gives rise to novel ways of living which eventually become the new normal. The new coronavirus and the outbreak of Covid-19 across the globe has steered companies in a new direction to adopt some unprecedented measures including compulsory working-from-home for their employees.

Although one would imagine working from the comfort of home is an offer one can't refuse, there have been reports of people unable to mend their ways that fit into the new lifestyle the pandemic has brought about: staying productive as well as presentable at home.

Importance of dressing up for Zoom meetings

There is no escape from office or project meetings even while working from home, courtesy some technological innovations (read Zoom, or the app you are using) happened over the last few many years. Love it or dread it, you have to face the camera; you know it.

While we are no therapists in motivating you to get up and show up, we certainly know a thing or two about how to dress up for video conferences or Zoom meetings. Looking good is half the battle won.

Tips to dress up for Zoom meetings

The classic saying 'dress to impress' as you would for in-person meetings stays true for Zoom meetings, too. However, you need not dress up fully. The buzz is around getting half-dressed from the waist up because the camera before you will capture only your top (of course if it is set right).

Women can choose to wear turtlenecks, they won't fail you. Ask a fashionista around you, they will without a doubt recommend you to 'turt up' for a clean professional look. You can also go classic with a button-up shirt and blazer, and a neat headband. To keep things even simpler, you can throw a cardigan over your normal top to look the part. Adding accessories like earrings, necklace etc. with colourful blazers will brighten up the mood while maintaining a professional tone.

Several viral videos of Zoom meetings doing rounds on social media have men become the laughing stock of humanity. Experts opine it is difficult  for men to maintain a professional look in a formless environment like home. They end up in underwear or pajamas for meetings!

A basic dark blazer should actually do the job for men. Throw it over a decent light-coloured crew/round neck t-shirt if you can't be bothered more about picking the right attire for the right meeting. A full-sleeve dress shirt combined with a tie is also a safe bet. These are sufficient choices that will save you from moments of embarrassment.

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