Don’t Share Your Homes With Pests!

November 14, 2018

In the past year, National Environment Agency (NEA) has been engaging commercial cleaning services to destroy mosquito breeding grounds and rat burrows in public areas. Despite their efforts, these pests still continue to flourish. With the highly clustered urbanised environment of Singapore, pests have greater accessibility to food and water sources. According to Straits Times, the population growth of Singapore has resulted in more buildings to answer this demand. This robs the pests of their natural habitat. In response to the loss of their natural homes, they then seek shelter in your homes.

Termites in timber

One of the common places for pests to hide are in our timber furniture or structural timber of buildings. Some are need of less moisture than other species. Nonetheless, when moisture accumulates or water leaks, damage to our furniture begins. This becomes access points for termites to make their homes in and lay eggs. Often times, damages made to built-in-furniture can be difficult for you to resolve – tearing down and rebuilding the furniture is costly. A lower cost option would be to engage deep cleaning services to clean out the termites and their eggs if the furniture is of sentimental value to you. However, if you choose to renovate your home, do consider complementing the renovation of your home with deep cleaning services after. A thorough deep cleaning of your house will remove any remnants of termites in crevices otherwise not noticed by the untrained eye. Additionally, doing so can remove any lying debris which could possibly hurt your little ones.

Bloodsucking bedbugs in beds

Other sources of accumulated moisture are your clothes and beds. Combined with the warmth of your body, these places make cosy homes for bed bugs. When you see cluster of itchy red patches across your body from insect bites, these are usually signs of a bed bug infestation. Usually signs of bed bug infestations are only prevalent when the bed bugs have really taken over parts of your house. The worst bit about bed bug infestations is that it is often at a serious stage when you notice it. Specialists conducting spring cleaning services can ensure that your upholstery is fully eradicated of bed bugs after the pest control has killed off the bugs in the room. Additionally, soaking your clothes in boiling water will also help to kill the bugs and bacteria in your clothing.

Mosquito breeding

According to a CNA (Channel News Asia) article, there was an increase in households receiving fines for breeding mosquitoes this year. NEA takes the removal and prevention of mosquito breeding very seriously. You should too! The itchy bites you receive might sometimes cost you a hefty sum when you’re hospitalised for dengue. However, all of this can be prevented with vigilance. Always turn over your pails and pour any still water away to avoid these blood suckers from breeding in your home.

Lizards and roaches living in your space

Lizards might sound like a lesser evil than sharing spaces with roaches but interacting with both pests affects individuals with asthma and allergies. Both of these nocturnal creatures pick up diseases by hiding in filthy places. Hence when any of these 2 pests touch your food, utensils or any other surfaces, they contaminate the objects and can spread bacteria such as Escheria Coli, Salmonella and transmit diseases such as gastroenteritis.  Usually, the chutes which rubbish is disposed and doors left ajar are means in which these pests sneak into your houses. From then on, they would find dark corners which you usually don’t notice to hide and come out at night to find food. Don’t leave any of your food wastes outside and always dispose them straightaway. If doing so doesn’t resolve the issue, hire professional cleaners to source these dark corners out and exterminate these pests is important. Sendhelper is a platform which you can book professional cleaners for deep cleaning, move-in move-out cleaning, and spring cleaning services in Singapore at an affordable cost. Aslo available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, you can now request spring cleaning services at your own fingertips now!

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