Dog Walking Tips That Every Dog Owner Should Know

December 28, 2023

Walking your dog is an excellent pastime and a great exercise for both you and your dog. However, it may not be an easy task like it sounds. Taking your dog for walks every day is recommended for their good health.

Here are some pretty good dog walking tips you should know as a dog owner to keep both you and your dog safe and happy during and after walks.  

Choose the Right Leash for Your Dog  

Choosing the right leash is the first and foremost thing you should do before taking your dog out for walks. It is applicable from the time you get them as a puppy and before you start training them. Choose a leash to control them without causing any harm to their body. You can get a front clip harness to walk your dog if they pull while walking on a leash. We won’t advise a prong collar or choke chain because dogs usually pull against the collar when we tug them directly on the collar. It will mostly hurt them.  

Bring Treats With You When You Go for Walks

Take your dog’s favourite treats with you when you take them out for walks, especially when you are leash training them. You can get small treats that are mainly used for training as they are of low calories. Reward them more frequently as they start picking the commands. You reduce the frequency of rewarding them as they become even more obedient. You can train them to walk beside you, return to you when you call, and sit at crosswalks by making use of the treats.  

Avoid Walks With Your Dog During Hot Weather  

Hot weather is too dangerous for your pet’s health. You are most likely to not feel the heat because of the shoes, but the heat can easily affect your dog’s paws. Pavements can be extremely hot during the daytime. Walking on them could cause their paws to burn, thereby leading to form blisters. Stick to walking your dog during the early morning or late in the evening when it is cooler. You can walk them in areas with grass or woods if adjusting the routine is difficult for you.

Always Carry Water for Your Dog

Your dog can get tired and thirsty while going for walks, especially if you train them while you go out. Always carry plenty of water when you go out with your dog as they could get easily dehydrated during the day. Therefore, refreshing during a walk is a must. You can carry collapsible bowls with you as your dog cannot drink directly from the bottle.  

Make Identification of Your Dog Easier  

Do not take your dog out for walks without getting the ID on its collar. Chances for your dog to slip the leash are never slim, even if your dog is well-trained. Therefore, we also advise you to get your dog microchipped. Put on reflective gears on your dog when you take them for walks at night. People who drive cars find it difficult to see dogs without reflective gears, especially during dusk. You can get a reflective coat, harness, or leash to make identification easy.  

Give Your Dog Good Time to Relax During Walks  

Walking should not be seen as a quick job for your dog to poop and pee. Give your dog some time to get some air and relax outside, especially if your dog is still under training. It will help your dog to become familiar with the area and also to walk beside you calmly. Dogs usually get more excited for morning walks. The morning weather is also a good choice for them to go for relaxing walks.  

Consider Your Dog’s Health While Walking Them

The ability to walk differs from dog to dog. You should not walk a puppy for more than twenty minutes, no matter which breed it is. You can walk an adult dog more, but always consider your pet’s health and power while taking them for long walks. Never put too much pressure on them and walk them to the point that exhausts them.

Change the Routine Once in a While  

Just like us, dogs, too, get bored. Changing your walking routines helps them with boredom - it will help recharge them mentally as well. When you change the walking routine after a long time, you are most likely to see your dog happier and excited after you both come back from walks. A change in routine is as important for our dogs as it is for humans to keep them mentally calm and stable.  

Scoop The Dog Poop

Cleaning your dog’s poop is something that we should never skip. We must always keep the walking areas pleasant for everyone. It is also crucial for the good health of other animals who visit the place. Make sure that you do not spoil the favourite walking spots of many others. Always carry poo bags when you take your dog out for walks.  

Avoid Retractable Leashes for Daily Walking

Retractable leashes are most likely to cause many hazards as they do not help much to control your dog with ease. A retractable leash comes with so much length and it can cause you to fall and thereby cause injuries for both you and the dog. We do not recommend using retractable leashes for daily walks and during walks in crowded areas. However, they can be good when you take your dog for walks near the beach areas that are not too crowded with people all the time or during the time such places are calm.  

Always Ask the Owners Before Approaching Other Dogs  

Not every dog you see outside with an owner could be friendly and well-trained. People also take reactive and aggressive dogs out for walks. Therefore, you should always ask the owners before you even think of approaching another pet with your dog. It can avoid unwanted accidents for everyone.  

With these comprehensive dog walking tips, you're equipped to transform your daily walks into enjoyable, safe, and enriching adventures for both you and your pet.

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