Disinfection Service Launched

January 31, 2020

In the wake of World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring an emergency over coronavirus spreading from China, it is important for us to stay alert and keep our homes and surroundings germ-free.

Sendhelper has now launched a special disinfection service in anticipation of your need to protect yourself and your premises from any potential infection.

You may choose from the two services listed below:

1.Titan365 - Titan365 gives your premises maximum protection for 365 days. Through photocatalytic activity of Titanium Dioxode (TiO2), this disinfection process eliminates up to 99.99% of virus, bacteria, mould, and fungus. Our hygiene specialists will sanitise surfaces including hard-to-clean corners.

2.Germclean - Using a proprietary Germclean solution in a specialised electrostatic machine, this disinfection service protects your premises including hard-to-reach places for 30 days from viruses and bacteria.

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