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August 4, 2019

Curtains form an integral part of a home’s interior design. When pulled, draped and hooked to one side of the window, your room instantly becomes beautiful while letting ample light to pass through. And pull it back when you wish for privacy. Over time curtains become dingy and pale by accumulating dirt while guarding the interior of rooms from sunlight and dust. They become breeding farms of allergens and mites. Therefore, curtain cleaning should not be neglected.

You must know that not all curtain fabric withstands the tumble in ordinary washing machines. They may fade or bleed and lose its sheen. Delicate curtain fabrics should be treated with care and it requires dry cleaning.

In order to make your curtains look fresh and new, you require professional dry cleaning companies who are now available on the sendhelper market place.

Advantages of dry cleaning curtains

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning garments, cloth material or any fabric without water. A liquid solvent like perchloroethylene is used instead of water, as certain curtain materials are not suited to wash in water.

Firstly, it takes better care of your curtains. It prevents shrinkage and colour fading of curtains which are otherwise caused by tumble wash in washing machines.

Thus, dry cleaning preserves the quality and extends the shelf life of curtains. On top of that, the dry cleaning solvent used is a perfect reagent to remove stubborn stains and spots on the curtains. It keeps them from mould or fungal growth.

Benefits of using sendhelper laundry service

sendhelper connects you to a network of professional laundry service providers in Singapore.

Wherever you are in the island, you will find a service provider who will pick your curtains at your doorstep, clean and deliver it back at the lowest price in town without compromising on care and quality. They will even assist you to uninstall the curtains and reinstall them after delivery.

Using sendhelper app is fast and easy. Simply schedule a pick-up day and time and submit your request. We will match you with the nearest available dry cleaning service provider on-demand. Moreover, while you book with us, pick-up and delivery is free.

Option for Express Delivery

That’s not all. Our service providers can expedite the delivery process at an additional but reasonable price if you can’t wait for 5 days, which is our usual turn around time.

Let you not step out of the house to do laundry. Let us come to you!

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