Creative Ways To Fold Your Laundry That Save Time

While the previous blog was a guide to how often you should wash your clothes, we will show you some creative ways to fold them, now. There are automated laundry machines but unfortunately, there hasn’t been an actual robot born yet that can take over folding of clothes to save you some precious time.

Let’s watch some creative ways to fold your laundry.

  • T-shirt

Can you fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds? Yes, if you follow the japanese laundry fold. Warning: It appears easy but you will have to dedicate time and effort to master this technique. Once you get a hang of it, folding t-shirts will become a breeeeeezeee!
  • Jeans

When you walk in to a clothing store, what impresses you the most? Those neatly stacked pairs of jeans in the shelves. Here is an easy way to fold jeans in a neat and meticulous manner. Guys, pay attention!
  • Button-down Shirt

Most of us keep dress shirts on a hanger in the closet. This video showcases a professional way of folding dress shirts. Folded shirts save extra space in the closet compared to hanging it from a hanger. The same method can be followed to fold hoodies.
  • Towels

50% of divorces or annulment of marriages are a result of one of the partners' poor 'towel habit' (May be the number is exaggerated but towels do influence your relationship). No more of towels on the chair, bed or even on the floor. Fold it like a pro. Fold it like how they do at hotels.
  • Skirts

Expert Village recommends that hanging your skirts after doing laundry is a great way to maintain their lines and shape. If you're a 'must-fold' person, watch this experienced housekeeper folding a skirt just the perfect way.
  • Fitted Sheet

Ahh! You will thank us for bringing you this video. Folding a fitted sheet is a skill that you can unashamedly post on your Linkedin profile. It is also that one skill which will impress your crush in the office. Watch closely and master the art.

We assume to have covered the common laundry articles in this blog post. These methods will definitely save you time. Another alternate way to get your laundry, folding and ironing done is to outsource it to a laundry service provider. You will be at peace knowing your valuables are in the hands of a professional.

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