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Covid-19 Measures For Employee Well-being at Work

July 22, 2020

Businesses in Singapore are gradually reopening in the face of Covid-19 albeit with unprecedented caution and care. Social distancing, personal hygiene, wearing of masks and other safety protocols are still mandatory in enclosed spaces and crowded areas. When employees get back to work, companies must implement Covid-19 measures for their well-being.

In this guide, we will discuss how workplaces can ensure safety and well-being of employees when they start operating.

Safe Entry

SafeEntry is mandatory for businesses where individuals are expected to gather, effective from May 12, 2020. SafeEntry is a national digital check-in to record the details of individuals entering the premises as part of Covid-19 measures. This system will help the authorities to trace individuals who were in close contact with Covid-19 infected persons. It is a crucial step to limit the risk of community transmission.

Sanitization and Disinfection

Carry out cleaning and disinfection inside the workplace before allowing employees and visitors in. A two-step cleaning process will prevent the spread of virus from high-risk touch points within your premises. Here is our guide to disinfection of workplaces. Sendhelper provides professional disinfection services for commercial properties using our partner’s proprietary technology. We guarantee up to 365 days of maximum protection. Also, our laundry services are available island-wide with free pick-up and delivery for washing and disinfection of office carpets, curtains, furniture and pillow covers, pantry towels etc. Our shortest turnaround time, even on the same day, will get your office ready in time to welcome your employees back.

Health Monitoring

We recommend companies to establish health monitoring facilities at workplaces. You may hire a paramedic to check the body temperature of employees once or twice a day and keep a record of it. You may also request employees to test themselves using a personal thermometer and submit the findings to the person-in-charge. Also, advise them to install the TraceTogether app and keep it enabled. Stock up necessary protective gears like masks, gloves, and sanitisers as well.

Holding area for the sick

Set up a holding area to keep sick employees from contacting others while waiting for a medical team. It may not be affordable for smaller companies to appoint a full-time doctor. In such cases, cost-effective doctors-on-call services are available. Sendhelper in partnership with Speedoc provides the services of licensed on-demand doctors at any time, anywhere, in Singapore.

Management of workforce

According to Larry Pearlman, Senior Vice President of Marsh Consulting, there will be a fundamental shift in how the world works after Covid-19. Each company must ensure they have robust IT systems in place to manage employees working from home. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce advised that telecommuting will remain as the default method. Encourage administrative employees to work from home at all times. Current work space designs like shared or open spaces will have to give way for isolated cubicles to maintain social distancing. Accommodate only 30%-50% of total workforce at a time in the office to avoid overcrowding. Therefore roster management should be top priority.

Importance of Covid-19 Measures for Employee Well-being

Whilst it comes as a good news for businesses to reopen and operate after the circuit breaker period, the pandemic has already thrust us into adopting new habits and methods at work and home, alike. The challenges ahead are plenty, but change is the only constant in our world; so we must be well-equipped to survive and innovate for better days. And this time, change begins with good personal hygiene and disinfection.

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