4 Reasons to Hire Quality Cleaning Services in Singapore for Deepavali

October 27, 2023

Deepavali, which is also known as Diwali, is a very auspicious festival celebrated as the festival of lights in Singapore. The festival is a five-day-long celebration and each day has a significance. During Deepavali, we want to keep our households clean. With bright colors, tantalizing aromas, and oil lamps, our homes are well-arranged and decorated for the celebration. It is also a time when most of us go for deep-cleaning of our homes as it is regarded as an old age custom and this is the reason we are on the lookout for the best cleaning services in Singapore.

Goodwill during Deepavali is symbolized through various customs, traditions, and gestures that promote positivity, unity, and goodwill among individuals. Here are some traditions that signify goodwill during Diwali.

Cleaning and Decorating Homes Cleaning and decorating homes before Diwali represent a fresh start and the removal of negative energy, making way for new, positive beginnings.
Lighting of Diyas and Lamps The tradition of lighting oil lamps (diyas) signifies the victory of light over darkness and symbolizes the spread of positivity and hope.
Exchanging Gifts Giving and receiving gifts during Diwali is a gesture of love and goodwill. It strengthens bonds and fosters a sense of togetherness.
Sharing Sweets The exchange of sweets and special Diwali treats among friends and family members represents the sweetness and harmony in relationships.
Visiting Relatives and Friends Diwali is a time for visiting friends and relatives, strengthening relationships and fostering goodwill.
Crackers-Free Diwali An eco-friendly approach to Diwali, where people choose not to burst firecrackers, shows concern for the environment and the well-being of others.
Designing Rangoli Art The intricate and colorful rangoli designs created at the entrance of homes are a symbol of creativity and the welcoming spirit, encouraging positive energy to ente

Significance of Hiring Cleaning Services in Singapore during Deepavali

There are several reasons why the deep-cleaning of homes before the commencement of the festival is regarded as significant. Here are a few among them:

To Welcome Positive Energy

The festival is being considered as a welcome to Goddess to bring in health, wealth, and prosperity to our homes, and many of us offer prayers to the almighty. Just like the saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” everyone likes to worship and celebrate in a clean environment. Deepavali is also a time when we can decorate and arrange our homes according to our beliefs and interests.

To be a Wonderful Host

Deepavali is a time when we welcome many of our guests home and also pay a visit to our dear ones’ homes. It is the best time to get everyone together. This time circumstances are different, so we advise you to take safety precautions while celebrating.

Cleanliness being the state of purity, clarity, and precision, it is important to deep clean our homes either ourselves or with the help of an efficient cleaning service provider before the festival commences.

Beginning of a New Year

According to the Hindu beliefs, Deepavali signifies the start of a new year. Performing Deepavali rituals will  erase the negative energy in our homes, so does Hindus believe. The festival kick starts new beginnings in life. Cleaning of homes brings freshness to our environment, which is the reason why we also renovate and paint homes before the festival.

Decluttering Your Home

Once a year during a festival like this, we should always remove the unused and unwanted items of our homes such as things lying misplaced in all the corners attracting all the dust and dirt. In addition to this, minimalism will improve concentration while working from home; decluttering also helps us to donate things to the needy while they are still good to use.

Be at Ease While You Think about Deep Cleaning

Most of us often prefer deep cleaning of our homes during the big festival. But wait a minute! Has the thought about cleaning and decluttering worried you a lot?

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