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Cleaning is the first step when shifting to a new home

June 10, 2015

Moving into a new home is an exciting affair! However, with excitement comes in a lot of responsibility as well. Probably, the previous tenant hasn’t cleaned the home appropriately before leaving. Or even if they have cleaned, possibly you don’t feel that’s up to the mark. Hence, a cleaning job on your part is equally important.

The Kitchen Needs Immediate Attention

 When you start off with your cleaning spree, prefer tackling the kitchen first. For rented homes, this is must because cooking smells linger for long, even if the house has been vacated long back. Next comes in the appliances. For cleaning the appliances, use a heavy-duty cleaner. You can also use water and baking soda; prepare a mix using equal amounts and dip the solution in a heavy-duty cloth or sponge. Start with the stove, and then make a move towards the oven. For the cabinets and counters, prefer using a mild cleanser.

Refrigerator Clean Out

 Hopefully, the former tenants had cleaned it, but then, you still need to monitor the bins and drawers. Use a soft cloth to wash the inside shelves and walls. Prefer unplugging the fridge before you start with your cleaning job.

Tacky Sink are a Strict No

Mix chlorine-free bleach and water in a spray bottle to clean the sink. Spray the solution, keep it for sometime and then rinse thoroughly.

Cleaning Walls and Floors

Look for fingerprints on the walls and scratches on the floors. While liquid stick cleaners’ work wonders for fingerprints and sticky spots, steam cleaning solutions are considered good for floors.

A bit of cleaning before shifting to your new home is must for a hygienic and healthy living.

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