Cleaning Home after Circuit Breaker: Tasks to Consider

June 17, 2020
Cleaning home tips after circuit breaker in Singapore. Book professional cleaners on Sendhelper app.

Thinking of cleaning home now? As Singapore starts Phase 2 of re-opening on June 19, all of us are excited to venture out for a fresh breath of air.

From now on, we will see ourselves going out more often than before. It also seems like a boon we can visit our friends and family albeit in restricted numbers. Cleaning homes has become even more important during this period to keep ourselves and the community safe.

Cleaning during circuit breaker

During the circuit breaker, you have been cleaning your home without the availability of a professional cleaner. But it begs the question how clean your premises are without an expert cleaner whose services you are accustomed to.

Let’s look at the most important cleaning tasks you or your professional cleaning help need to perform at this stage:

Tips to clean your home after circuit breaker

  1. Clean high-traffic or frequently touched surfaces- Have a look around your house and identify the most frequently touched surfaces. Sofas, light switches, stair railing, wardrobe and toilet flush handles, door knobs, shoe racks, tables and chairs etc. house virus, bacteria and other germs. Studies show that the coronavirus can survive up to 72 hours on hard surfaces and on cardboard for 24 hours. So it is important to follow the two-step cleaning procedure here - clean first and disinfect then. Make sure to use an alcohol-based cleaning solution (with a strength of at least 70%) to disinfect the surfaces.
  2. Clean the floors regularly - Clean floors thoroughly and more frequently. If you have been washing floors once in a fortnight, we suggest you do it once every three days or at least once in a week. To ease off your tasks, you can book your preferred cleaner on a recurring basis (once or twice a week), at competitive prices on the Sendhelper app.
  3. Disinfect your mailbox - While most housing estates in Singapore have dedicated space for mailboxes, for those with private mailboxes should not overlook cleaning and sanitising before and after using them. Follow disinfection of surfaces as a standard practice although studies do not confirm that the coronavirus will contract through posts and packages.
  4. Look out for hard-to-reach places - It is easier to ignore or overlook those hard-to-reach hotspots in our home while cleaning. Our dedicated cleaners on Sendhelper platform will advise you to clean them up to avoid the threat of potential infection. Our professional disinfection services guarantee up to 365 days of protection and cleaning of all surfaces including such hard-to-reach areas.

Home cleaning services resume on June 19

We will resume home cleaning services on June 19, 2020. Sendhelper is fully booked for the weekend of June 19 - June 21. You may schedule cleaning jobs on the Sendhelper app now for an early slot on one of the weekdays next week.

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