Cleaning Hacks: Ways to Make Cleaning Your Home More Fun

July 1, 2021
Cleaning Hacks: Have Fun with Cleaning

Home cleaning is a task that takes up most of our time, and some of us find it very disturbing to dedicate our time solely to cleaning. But you will be surprised if you can understand how entertaining it is to do the chores at home if you find a few cleaning hacks to make it interesting. Burning the stress off that comes with cleaning becomes easier when you engage in a few interesting activities while cleaning. Here are a few fun activities you can try.

Cleaning Hacks to Try at Home

Playing Music

Listening to music seems to elevate your mood most of the time. Get your body to move along while doing the cleaning chores at home. Cleaning is always a monotonous job. Therefore, doing a happy dance can help you forget the stress that comes with cleaning otherwise.

Turning Cleaning into Workout

You can translate the physical activities involved in cleaning into a workout with the right attitude. Strap a pedometer and track the steps you take on average while you clean your house. Aim to increase the number of steps each time so that you can turn cleaning activities into a productive workout session too.

Turning Cleaning into a Game

Among many cleaning hacks, incorporating games into cleaning is more fun than anything else. It is almost similar to turning your cleaning time into a workout session, but this is more fun when you involve others at your home. You can assign each cleaning task with a certain number of points and keep a points chart somewhere. Those who complete their tasks would get the points, and you can give a gift for the one with the maximum number of points. It will make cleaning more interesting for your siblings, children, and partner to engage in cleaning activities.

Talking to a Friend

Multitasking can always help to reduce the stress of cleaning. Catch up with a friend via call, connect the call to your Bluetooth headset and get going with the cleaning. You can even decide on a time with your close friend so that you can do the cleaning together by chattering on the phone. Using a hands-free device for calling makes it easy for you to do the tasks. Remember to be careful to keep the phone safe while you are on call.

Involving Kids in Cleaning

Involving children in cleaning can be fun. Asking for ideas to make things easier and asking them for help is a good way to make children engage in cleaning activities. Kids can make us wonder about the most effective and innovative solutions they come up with. The best way for you to make cleaning fun with children is to ask them to create a game or narrate a story as they get engaged in cleaning activities. It is also a good time for you to build a closer relationship with your children.

Watching Shows You Like

Watching your favourite show can be a good booster for you to clean your home, and it is similar to listening to music and podcasts. Sometimes, cleaning time is the only time you would be getting to spend all by yourself. Many shows have gained popularity, and people watch them while working around the house. Remember to give yourself a break while watching the show, and make use of the commercials to do the cleaning. Watching your favourite show can also help you speed through the piles of laundry.

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