How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Effectively

January 21, 2022

Outdoor furniture is usually designed and made very differently than indoor furniture to last every season and withstand seasonal changes. Constant exposure to sunlight can result in fading of furniture frames and fabrics. It can also result in the breaking down of furniture fabrics and the melting of plastics. Other external factors such as rain and atmospheric moisture can cause metallic furniture to rust. These are the reasons why we should put in good thought while buying, placing and maintaining outdoor furniture. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to clean outdoor furniture effectively.

Tips to Clean Outdoor Furniture

We would need to protect and clean outdoor furniture regardless of the material, expense, and maintenance level, for them to have a longer lifetime. Outdoor furniture is likely to get dirty quickly from dirt and grime, during all seasons. Therefore, knowing how to take care of outdoor furniture will help extend their life.

Even the most modern outdoor fabrics like polyester will stain, and even the quick-dry foam will break down if we don’t clean the spills as soon as they happen. Natural and synthetic fabrics react differently to cleaners - so only clean them using soap and water unless the manufacturer suggests something else. The key to keeping fabrics clean from spills is to clean them as soon as they happen. Remove the cushion covers, throw them into the washer, clean the foam inside quickly and let it air dry in sunlight to prevent the growth of mildew.

You can use soap and water to clean metal outdoor furniture such as wrought iron. Avoid scrubbing too much or too hard. It is comparatively easy to keep resin and plastic furniture clean when we wipe the spills soon and give them a good cleaning in a while. Do not use any abrasive cleaners that could scratch their surface - you can get an all-purpose cleaner to clean them. You can also spray down plastic furniture with a hose and wipe the dirt down with the helper of a sponge and cleaner. 

Outdoor furniture made of teak or other wood should be cleaned with more care. You can use a mild soap and a brush/sponge to remove the grime and dirt gently after pouring some water. Remember to clean the nooks and crannies as well using a toothbrush. Commercial cleaning products that are made exclusively to clean wooden furniture can also be a safe and good pick to clean such furniture.

Tips to Protect Outdoor Furniture

The second step of saving the life of your outdoor furniture is how to prevent damage and protect them from elements such as UV rays and moisture. Fabric umbrellas are great options to save your outdoor furniture from harsh sunlight. You can use patio covers to attain advanced protection from exterior elements. Getting covers for outdoor furniture is a much safer option to ensure complete protection from external elements, even though it can be more work. You just have to make sure to not leave them for too long to avoid the formation of mildew.

It is the type of wood and the finish that will be the critical elements to get damaged in sun and rain in the case of outdoor furniture. You can paint them for protection against sunlight and moisture, but that will cover up the natural grain. Make sure that you reapply the paint once in a while to stop resisting fading and peeling. Using a water sealer is an ideal choice for those who want to keep the natural look of the wood, but also to keep moisture away from the furniture. Varnish is another great option for protection as it only needs a fresh coat every two years in many conditions.

Outdoor furniture made of metal is prone to corrosion. There are many hacks you can do to keep metals like wrought iron fresh and new, and also to protect it from water and to prolong its life. Applying car wax periodically will ensure that there is a protective coating to prevent rust. Applying grease to the moving parts of outdoor furniture regularly will reduce wear and tear- it will also keep moisture at bay. You can also apply primers that help inhibition of rust, and then paint and a top coat of car wax. 

Use your fabric guards for protecting the furniture cushions to save damage from sunlight and moisture. Make sure to reapply the guards when you see the furniture cushions retaining moisture. You will have to make sure that the fabric is dry and clean before spraying fabric guards.

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

Cushions are pillows made of quick-dry foam and acrylic or polyester outdoor fabric are the most durable types. They don’t shrink, stretch or fade in sunlight when compared to other fabrics and hence they do not need regular maintenance. Make a routine to clean the cushions when necessary. Clean patio cushions regularly to keep them looking newer for years. Here are some ways in which you can clean the outdoor cushions.

Vacuum the Patio Cushions

After shaking the cushions to get rid of dust and dirt, vacuum all the sides of the cushion using the vacuum’s upholstery tool. Washing cushion covers while they are on the cushions is the best option as it helps get into the tufts and all other tight places.  

Remove the Covers of the Cushions

Take off the outer covers of the cushions and vacuum the foam on all its sides to remove the debris. You can put patio cushions out to get some sunlight to dry any moisture and do some natural disinfecting.

Wash the Covers

Check for fabric care labels on cushions to know if they can be machine washed. Handwashing is a safer option as it avoids a lot of strain. You can hand wash them in a sink of water, soap and some baking soda to get rid of stains and mildew. Soak them in for around fifteen minutes, rinse the covers, and roll the covers up in towels to get rid of moisture and air dry them.  

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