Chocolate Stain Removal: How to Remove Chocolate Stains from Clothes and Upholstery

August 23, 2022

Chocolate is one of the common ingredients in sweets - from brownies to fondue, and we know that most people are chocolate lovers. Snacking on candy bars is also a favourite thing for both children and adults. But there is always something about it any chocolate lover would not want - its stain. Chocolate stain removal is tough as it contains cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and other oils. Therefore, you will have to clean the stain using a grease fighter and something else to treat discolouration. Keep in mind that it is often tricky to treat chocolate stains formed on dry-clean only delicates such as silk and wool. Do not wait to do DIY cleaning on such delicate fabrics- just take them to the best dry cleaning service in Singapore.

Our complete guide is aimed at helping you out with the necessary tips regarding how to remove and clean chocolate stains. Here you go!

Chocolate Stain Removal Tips for Clothes and Upholstery

Clean the Extra Chocolate from the Fabric

You have to begin by cleaning the extra chocolate on the cloth to reduce the chance of spreading the stain. You can scrape the extra chocolate using the smooth side of the butter knife. Make sure that you do it slowly to avoid spreading and making it worse. 

Wash the Stain Using Cold Water 

Now, run cold water on the stain for half a minute, and do the same thing by flipping the cloth for the same amount of time. It will help knock out the remaining chocolate from the fabric and make it easier to get it out through the fibres while rinsing. Do not ever use hot water as it will set the chocolate stain even more.

Clean the Stain Using a Regular Liquid Laundry Detergent 

The use of regular laundry detergent helps in the effective treatment of dirt, grease, and oil. You can use it as a pre-treater and stain remover, so gently rub the detergent into the stain from both sides of the cloth and keep it undisturbed for fifteen minutes. Now, soak the cloth in cold water without rinsing and keep it for 15 minutes. Take it out after that and scrub the stained area with your fingers on both sides - it helps in loosening the oil on the cloth.

Use Another Stain Remover on the Stain 

Use a little amount of baking soda if you see remains of stain on the cloth as baking soda helps whiten the fabric. It is also a deodorizer you can use safely on almost all types of fabric. Dampen the stain using cold water and rub some baking soda on both sides of the fabric using your fingers. Keep it as such until the stain comes out. You can now wash the cloth as usual. Make sure that you do not put the cloth inside the dryer after you finish washing as the heat from the dryer will cause the stain to set permanently on the fabric. Instead, dry the fabric on a clothesline or a rack only.

Remove Chocolate Stains from Upholstery

Chocolate stains are likely to happen on upholstery too while enjoying a film by having your favourite chocolate bar, and hence you will find the need to clean them. Here is how you can do it. 

Get Rid of Excess Chocolate from the Couch

Scrape away the stain using the edge of a butter knife from the outside to the inwards of the stain to hold the stain back from spreading. Do this until you get to remove the extra chocolate.

Freeze the Stain

The application of ice can harden the stained area and makes it easier to remove the chocolate stain, just like how we can remove chewing gum from upholstery. Use a piece of ice or an ice pack to freeze the stained area without making the couch too wet as the ice melts with time. You can then loosen the chocolate using a soft brush after the chocolate hardens and use the edge of a butter knife to scrape away as much as possible. 

Use a Liquid Detergent on the Stain

One of the best DIY ways to clean upholstery is using stain remover and water since it is safe to use on most upholstery. Take out a few drops of the detergent on a damp sponge and massage it onto the stain blotting it from the outwards to inwards to pull maximum stain. Rinse the stain using clean water and wipe the stained area to clean the residual soap. 

Pat Dry Chocolate Stain after Cleaning

Take a white microfiber cloth and pat dry the area after cleaning, but make sure that you do not rub on the fabric. Follow by sprinkling some cornstarch onto the damp area when the upholstery is less damp. You can then vacuum it after drying. 

Now that you have an idea of how to remove chocolate stains from clothes and upholstery, here is how you can remove different types of stains from food and drinks from your clothes.

Fabric and Upholstery Stain Removal Service in Singapore

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