Why You Should Observe Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Tradition

January 28, 2021
Chinese New Year spring cleaning tradition

The Chinese New Year season is here again, and people consider it as one of the most significant events in Singapore. It is important to start cleaning your house slowly or to get help from a reputable cleaning service provider before you get busy with holiday festivities. Chinese New Year spring cleaning tradition has been long observed for hundreds of years.

According to the Chinese tradition, preparations to welcome the new year begin with cleaning and organising homes. The word dust in Chinese is a homophone for ‘old’. Thus cleaning your home drives away bad luck from the previous year and creates a pleasant space to usher in good luck.

On top of popular beliefs, there are other benefits of cleaning your home before the dawn of a new year. Here are a few we believe will help you improve your lifestyle.

The Space You Live Will be Spotless Clean

Most Singaporeans have the habit of cleaning and organising their homes before the Lunar New Year approaches since it remains a tradition among the people. A neat and tidy house will keep you in a happy mental space.

A Clean Space Will Reduce Your Stress

Most of us fear house-cleaning activities as we won’t get any time after engaging in cleaning in between our busy schedules. Hire a spring cleaning service like the Sendhelper to declutter and deep-clean your living space before you get busy with other arrangements for the season. Juggling with several things along with cleaning can be stressful, and you wouldn't want to take stress during a time when you can relax. 

Organising and cleaning the space before you start arranging your home for the Chinese New Year helps you find things quickly, prepare meals, and work without stressing yourself and others out. 

You Can Enjoy Your Holidays to the Fullest

The Lunar New Year season is a great time for everyone to spend time with their friends and family. If you do the job just before the season approaches, then you will not have to waste a lot of time when the season begins. 

It Creates a Safe Environment for Kids

Since most of us would be planning to invite friends and family over to our place, it is necessary to create a safe and organized space for them, especially if they have children. Make your home safer if you have plans to invite people over to stay at your place for some days. 

Chances are there for people to use products that are harmful and affect children when he/she who usually doesn’t engage in cleaning does all the cleaning without proper knowledge. Professional cleaners would clean and reduce the clutter in your spaces. Well-experienced professionals also cut down the risk of potential hazards of cleaning. 

In the midst of a pandemic, it is even more important to disinfect and sanitise your home thoroughly to keep children safe from viruses and other germs.

Fosters Good Health of Your Family

Cleaning homes before and after the Chinese New Year season is one of the best ways to nurture good health for the entire family. Houses that do not get a good spring cleaning would be full of allergens in addition to dust, and they may cause several diseases and allergies to everyone, including your guests. Imagine how bad that would be being a host? Therefore, make sure that your household stays neat during the Chinese New Year season - do a spring cleaning and sort this problem out. 

Let the year of the Ox be filled with good health and prosperity!

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