Chinese New Year Party Ideas: 6 Ways to Plan a Chinese New Year Party at Home in Singapore

January 17, 2024

Chinese New Year is one of the most awaited times for Chinese families around the globe. It is an excellent time to decorate your home and celebrate with colours, symbols, and delicious food. The custom of celebrating Chinese New Year began to bring the family together to fulfil household deities. It  is also known as Spring Festival. The focus of the festival has shifted beyond the household and into the community. This season is considered a time to invite luck to households. It is also a good time to celebrate with friends and family. So here we are with a few Chinese New Year Party ideas you can consider.

We might already know that the Chinese New Year is more than just a night. It is a fifteen-day-long celebration where you can engage in interesting activities and traditions. If you have never celebrated the Chinese New Year before, we will guide you through the New Year traditions.

Interesting Chinese New Year Party Ideas

Start by Sweeping Away the Bad Luck

Let’s begin with what is important. If you are planning to host family and friends at your home for the lunar new year, you are likely to tidy up your home. But cleaning just before the Chinese New Year is more than good hosting. According to Chinese traditions, sweeping helps in removing bad luck from the current year. Once your space is cleaned, you can request your guests to leave their footwear at the door. This is to encourage everyone for a clean and smooth transition into the new year. 

Cleaning for the Chinese New Year time's fun when every family member takes part in getting the house cleaned. You don’t have to worry if you’re not able to invest so much time in cleaning. It is always best to go for deep cleaning at your home since the Chinese New Year time is when your family and friends would most probably drop by. The best home servicing brand in Singapore, Sendhelper can take care of all your cleaning needs. And what do you need to do? Nothing more than just booking the deep cleaning service on our app with just a few taps!


Decorate Using Red As Much as Possible 

We all know that one of the best things about many parties is lively decorations. When it comes to Chinese New Year, the custom is to hang red paper decorations on doors, windows and other places in one’s home. People normally believe that this tradition has been derived from an old legend, a beast called Nian who was petrified of the red colour. 

Red symbolises vitality, power, and happiness according to Chinese beliefs. It is why people try to include red colour as much as they can during decorating their homes for the Chinese New Year. You can string up paper lanterns in red colour and deep red flowers in different rooms of your home. Some of us are also obsessed with serving eatables and drinks that are red, such as the red velvet cake, a glass of pomegranate juice or raspberry juice.

Do Not Forget to Add Gold Colour for Highlighting

Though the main colour associated with the Chinese New Year seems to be red, people accent it with gold too. The colour gold represents good fortune, prosperity, and wealth all of which people long for a new year. There is also yet another favourite tradition of people during this season- to write messages for loved ones wishing them good luck. Try this and keep the notes in places where your guests can find them. Writing messages on red paper using gold ink is something people normally do. You can also write your invitations for them this way. It is such a thoughtful and heartwarming gesture. We won’t forget to tell you what to do when you send invitations online in this digital era- send invitation emails in the red font!

Read on for more Chinese New Year party ideas.

Pay Attention to the Chinese Zodiac 

One interesting thing about Chinese tradition is that each new year symbolises the characteristics of one of the twelve animals that in the Chinese zodiac. They are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. One unavoidable tradition you should probably do is to decorate your home with pictures of the particular animal of the year.

Keep the Pictures of Dragons and Lions

The dragon is a symbol people love to keep at their homes during the Lunar New Year. According to people who believe in Chinese traditions, dragons showcase goodness, strength, and good luck. Include pictures of dragons while you set up party decorations too. For instance, you can maybe stretch a long red dragon garland on the wall or along the ceiling. 

When it comes to lions, people have a strong belief that they represent and invite stability, strength, and superiority in the coming year. You can book to see a lion dance performance with he xin. They have teams skilled with years of experience in lion and dragon dance performances, and their performances are renowned all over the world. After all, who doesn’t love live performances that blow our minds?

Do Not Forget to Exchange Red Envelopes 

You can exchange beautiful and thoughtful gifts between your family and friends in a very different and specific way during the Chinese New Year. You can opt to gift money as a gift by keeping them in red envelopes, and most people would prefer to do so. It is normally called lucky money and it symbolises the gifting of good fortune for the coming year. If you are planning to invite too many guests to your home, you can keep a few red envelopes for them as well. You can also give them out yourself or by one of your family members. If you wish to try something else other than lucky money envelopes, opt to give out tiny red goody bags filled with some yummy homemade candies. 

Serve Yummy Traditional Chinese Food 

Chinese New Year party ideas are incomplete without serving good food. Food is a big part of this season which almost lasts for fifteen days. People would prefer to have certain food on certain days and times. For instance, some people would prefer to have long noodles in the first five days of this season as they believe that it symbolises long life. They also prefer to eat dumplings from the fifteenth day and the shape of these dumplings would be similar to that of the full moon. According to their belief, it symbolises family and perfection. Some good dishes you can cook for the guests include noodles, chicken stir-fry, and Asian chicken dumplings.

One of the interesting things to do while you have family and friends over is to get together around a big table for dinner. There will be many delicious items to eat, so the conversations can go on and on until everyone finishes their dinner. Another important thing you should not forget to serve your guests is delicious desserts. Make sure that you incorporate oranges and tangerines as many who celebrate the Chinese New Year believe that they represent luck, wealth, and happiness. Buy and keep some cookies that they can munch on while having conversations. And if you can, you can serve the food with red and gold dragon napkins.

Here are a few specialties you should always have at your dinner table during Chinese New Year.

Nian Gao (Sticky Rice Cake) Serve slices of Nian Gao, a traditional Chinese New Year sweet treat believed to bring prosperity and good luck.
Mandarin Oranges Display fresh Mandarin oranges, symbolizing wealth and abundance, as a refreshing and symbolic snack for guests.
Dried Fruits and Nuts Offer a mix of dried fruits like candied melon and nuts such as almonds or peanuts, symbolizing a bountiful harvest and good fortune.
Spring Rolls Serve spring rolls filled with vegetables or meat as a delicious and symbolic dish, representing wealth and the arrival of spring.
Fortune Cookies Include fortune cookies for a fun and interactive element, letting guests enjoy the surprise messages while embracing a popular Chinese-American tradition.
Pineapple Tarts Incorporate pineapple tarts, a popular CNY snack, symbolizing wealth and prosperity, and delight your guests with their sweet and tangy flavour.

And, if you think you do not have the time to prepare all the dishes for your guests, you can hire the service of a professional chef with the Sendhelper. That way, you can keep the worry of having to plan and spend time in the kitchen endlessly during the Chinese New Year season. Just download the Sendhelper app from Play Store or App Store if you haven’t yet because now is the time to avail great discounts while booking services with us. 

Think About Whether You Want to Celebrate it Fireworks

Fireworks are an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations around the world. Singapore banned lighting fireworks under the 1972 Dangerous Fireworks Act, so we do not recommend it. Staying safe and healthy should be the top priority during any celebrations, so make choices that do not harm our health and environment.

Enjoyed our Chinese New Year party ideas? Share pictures of your lunar new year celebration with friends and family on social media and use #sendhelperbypg. We wish you a happy and warm festive season ahead with a lot of time to enjoy with your loved ones. Happy Chinese New Year from us to you!

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