Chinese New Year Decorations: Organise Your Home to Invite Good Luck & Fortune

February 8, 2021
Chinese New Year Decorations

The Chinese believe that luck and good fortune will come if they arrange their homes well as per the customs of the Chinese New Year.. Both luck and good fortune are often associated with positivity and discipline, and hence Chinese New Year decorations is key to inviting them.

Here are some home organising ideas that would help your home look more refreshing by filling it up with positivity. 

Paint Your Walls with Lucky Colours

Good luck can potentially enter our homes through the same doors we enter. Therefore, painting the walls of our living room with vibrant colours can add a refreshing look; you can also paint them with your lucky colours to invite good luck.

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Decorate Your Indoors with Fresh Flowers

Adding a bit of nature’s touch will help build great ambience; it will also welcome luck as per the Chinese beliefs. You can choose to pluck and keep bright flowers straight from your garden. Decorative jars and vases add a more captivating look to fresh flowers. Keeping hand-picked flowers inside rooms has the potential to change the whole mood of the room - the only thing you should take care of is the delicacy of flowers and vases. Replace dry flowers with fresh flowers when they are about to dry. 

Arrange the Furniture Properly

Arranging the furniture inside your living room encourages the smooth flow of energy as per the Chinese beliefs. In the case of bedrooms, furniture needs to be strategically placed diagonally from the bedroom door. The choice of furniture has a huge role in attracting good energy to your home, but their arrangement has even more significance. 

Keep Elephant Figures 

The Chinese culture regards Elephants as a symbol of strength and wisdom, which is why many people use images and figurines of elephants at their homes. Many people believe that keeping images and figurines of elephants offer added protection to the family as they are one of the most caring and protective animals on earth. 

Decorate Your Homes with Bamboo

Chinese people consider bamboo as one of the most incredible good luck charms as per the Chinese traditions. On top of adding a more green and refreshing look to your indoors, it is a hydroponic plant, which brings luck and good fortune to the family as per Chinese beliefs. Bamboo plants help in uplifting the mood and productivity wherever they get placed. You can also use bamboo plants as a durable and decorative barrier in your walkways and gardens. 

Burn Some Incense for Aroma 

People mostly burn incense sticks at their homes during the Chinese New Year season even if they are just with their own family. The fragrance of burning incense sticks stay in the air for long, thereby reducing our stress. People make it a habit to use incense sticks to welcome positive energy to their homes and to set up a cosy and relaxing ambience for their guests. 

Place a Fruit Bowl for Everyone

A bowl of citrus fruits such as grapes, oranges, and pomegranates looks tempting for everyone. According to Chinese traditions, placing fruit bowls to ward off bad luck and invite positivity. Fruits are a symbol of abundance and positivity. Chinese people believe that keeping fruit bowls at their homes during the Lunar New Year season can promote the general wealth of the family. 

Hang a Horseshoe

The Chinese culture considers hanging horseshoe at their homes to be very lucky. As per their belief, one should place a horseshoe above the door, and they believe that pointing it upward helps to safeguard the luck factor at the household. Some people also believe that facing it downward can bestow people who pass right through the doorway with good fortune.

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