What is the Best Temperature for Sleep?

March 11, 2022
Best Temperature for Sleep.

The first and foremost thing to do to have a sound sleep is to be in a comfortable environment with the right temperature. The best temperature for sleep is 18.3°C (65°F). Our body temperature tends to decrease during sleep. Therefore, sleeping in a cool room is most likely to help you maintain a good sleep throughout the night. However, babies need to sleep in rooms with slightly higher temperatures to attain good sleep. You will have to make sure that you do not end up turning the thermometer more than a few degrees to avoid overheating.  

The internal temperature of the human body shifts over 24 hours and it is known as circadian rhythm. It starts to shed warmth when a person sleeps, and it continues to do so until it reaches a low point near daybreak. The blood vessels that expand makes this process easier. A person’s hands will get warmer before this happens as the body helps the heat to escape through the hands. It is the body's mechanism to cut down the core temperature of their body. You are likely to have disturbed sleep if the room's temperature is not regulated - if it is too cold or hot.

Optimal Sleep Temperature for Infants

Infants need to sleep in rooms that are a bit warmer than the rooms you would sleep in, and there are a couple of reasons for it:

Infants cannot regulate their body temperature like adults. They also do not sleep under many covers, as it can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

There is no need to start a very different sleeping environment for infants. All you have to do is bump up the thermostat two degrees. Babies should be fine sleeping in a room with temperatures around 15.6 and 20°C, but you need to make sure that they are properly clothed. You shouldn’t, in any manner, consider overheating the room as it can lead to an increased risk of SIDS. So now you know the best temperature for sleep as far as infants are concerned.

Do not put your infant to sleep in anything more than a breathable sleeper and sleep sacks that are made of either cooler or warmer materials. You can use them according to the seasons. Do not dress them in hats as it will inhibit an infant’s ability to cool down their body temperature. Touching the back of the neck or stomach of infants will help you understand whether their body temperature is normal. Infants should also be put to sleep in quiet and dark rooms to have a peaceful goodnight sleep.

Tips to Regulate Room Temperature

Here are a few ways to ensure that the temperature of your room stays between 15.6 and 20°C during the night. 

Keep the windows open or turn on the air conditioning or heat when the temperature rises or falls outside the ideal sleeping range. You can also install a thermostat in your room to regulate the temperature in your room.

You can also set up a thermometer in your room and keep it warm during the day, but set it cooler during the night. 

Make sure that you change the bedding according to changes in seasons. Get rid of the comforters before drier months arrive and use a lightweight blanket instead to avoid overheating. Likewise, you may need to add an extra blanket along with your comforter to avoid feeling too cold during winter.

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