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Best Christmas Movies on Netflix to Binge Watch in 2021

December 21, 2021

Christmas and its spirit come once every year, but it is a season we look forward to all year to celebrate. And that includes all of us who cannot wait to binge watch the best Christmas movies in 2021 on OTT platforms like Netflix. And with the pandemic hitting, haven’t many of us chosen to celebrate the season indoors with our favourite shows running? 

It is not the time to hassle or confuse yourself on deciding what you should watch. So we did some pretty good research and made a list of the top best Christmas movies in 2021 you can watch on Netflix. Here are those:

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles was one of Netflix biggest original movies of the year 2018. The movie stars Kurt Russell as Santa Claus who finds himself stranded in Chicago on Christmas Eve because of the pranks of a couple of kids. He is on a race with time to sort everything and get him back together with his reindeer and sleigh. He fears that the world will lose its Christmas spirit if he fails to complete his gift-giving. Russell plays the role of Santa just perfectly, and it is a good pick to watch on Christmas evening with family and friends.

Watch it here.

The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch is a Netflix original movie released in 2018 which stars Vanessa Hudgens as a baker named Stacky, who travels through the European country of Belgravia to participate in a baking competition for Christmas. She runs into her doppelganger, Duchess Margaret Delacourt, who is going to marry the Prince of Belgravia. Duchess Margaret Delacourt wishes to explore what it is to live like a normal person before her marriage, and the two ladies switch their identities to find out each other's life. It is a movie with a happy ending, and that is what some people prefer to watch on Christmas Evening.

Watch it here.

Love Hard

Love Hard is a new Netflix original holiday movie that stars Nina Dobrev. The protagonist remotely falls in love with a guy she gets to know through a dating app. She decides to go and meet him for Christmas as a surprise to him, and she gets shocked when she finds out that he is way different from what she thought he was. The movie is about finding out whether she gets him to notice her and finding out whether the person she wants is someone else on the dating app.

Watch it here.

Robin Robin

Robin Robin is a Christmas special movie that tells the story of a mouse raised by young Robin - a mouse who is desperate to fit within her family. As the movie progresses, it is interesting to see how the mouse makes a wish upon a Christmas star. The animation style of this movie makes you feel fuzzy and warm if you pick it to watch with your family before bed on Christmas Eve.

Watch it here.

A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince is yet another Netflix original movie released in 2017. The movie stars Rose Mclevr as an American journalist who gets assigned to cover a press conference for the Prince of Aldovia. She is mistaken for the new tutor of a princess of the country. The journalist utilizes this opportunity to get closer to the Royal Family in the hope of getting a big scoop, and she then starts to have romantic feelings for the Prince. This movie was a big hit for Netflix, and it developed sequels in 2018 named “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” and “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.” Both these are also available to stream. 

Watch it here.


Klaus is also a Netflix original movie released in 2019, and it was nominated for the Best Animated Movie of the year at the Academy Awards. It is the origin story of Santa Klaus. A postman from the far Northern areas of the world hooks up with Klaus, who is a toymaker. Both of them team up and send toys to local kids. Klaus then begins to transform into Santa Klaus we all know and love his gifts and surprises. 

Watch it here.

A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas was released in November 2021. It tells an interesting story of a young boy who leaves his hometown in search of his father, who is looking for fabled elves of the woods. A reindeer named Blitzen and a pet mouse named Nikolas help this little boy on his way. The movie is all about finding out whether he can find his father and hope for his village. It is a great pick to watch on Christmas Eve with your children, friends, and family.

Watch it here.

Christmas on the Square

Christmas on the Square that stars Dolly Parton is a good pick to watch for both its high-end writing and feel-good nature. The movie is a good choice for people who like to listen to crazy songs. It won the Emmy for best movie made for television - so thank us after you watch it!

Watch it here.

A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas is a fifty-six-minute movie that speaks of Murray who is close to launching his live Christmas TV event in New York. However, it stands as a question mark when the guests are in fear of a snowstorm. Murray takes the plunge and goes ahead with the specials. He joins in song with guests like George Clooney, Miley Cirus, Chris Rock, and more others. 

Watch it here.

Father Christmas Is Back

This movie from the UK stars Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley, and John Cleese. The story is about four sisters getting together at their ancestral home and all of them start to fight like they usually do. However, things get interesting when their long-lost father joins them. 

Watch it here.

White Christmas

White Christmas is a holiday classic from 1954 that stars Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. The movie is not so much of a plot, but it has good musical numbers, especially for its title song. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye play two former World War II soldiers who try to help their former general to save his inn as the Christmas season approaches.  

White Christmas is available on Netflix US and Australia.

Do not waste your time searching for the perfect pick anymore! Pick one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix and make Christmas Eve peaceful and merrier by watching one of these movies - alone or with the ones you love!

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