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The (hidden) benefits of hiring a domestic helper/laundry service provider

March 4, 2016

People often ask us what our motivation was when starting sendhelper, or getting on-demand cleaners, cooks, and laundry/dry cleaning services. The answer is simple. We weren’t great at doing chores and they are time-consuming, too. There were plenty of good people around us who could do a proper job but exceedingly difficult to connect with.

We have built a network of independent service providers and you should know the benefits of hiring a helper from our platform.

  1. Saving time

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cleaning, cooking, laundry/dry cleaning

Find a domestic helper and save time![/caption]

Most people don’t realize just how much time chores consume – we certainly didn’t at first. A recent American government study looked at how much time we spend on laundry, interior cleaning, and cooking preparation and clean-up, and the results were staggering: women spend a daily average of 92 minutes while men spend a daily average of 36 minutes with the aforementioned tasks.

While both spent the most time with cooking preparation, the biggest discrepancy between the two was with laundry, where women spend four times more time than the men. Tallied up over the course of a year, women spend 560 hours on chores while men spend 220 hours. Together, the average couple spends an entire month on household chores! That’s 32.5 straight days without sleep!

  1. Healthy Diet

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Healthy home-cooked food.[/caption]

Stop and think about the last three meals you had away from home and the last three proper home-cooked meals you had. How did they taste? How nutritious were they? How fresh were the ingredients? Most of the people we’ve spoken with agree that a proper home-cooked meal is strongly preferred, it’s just more complicated to arrange given our busy schedules.

When it comes to nutrition, home-cooked meals tend to have less frying, less sugar or salt, and low trans fats. Controlling portion sizes is also easier when cooking at home, not to mention the first-hand ability to control for food allergies and level of cleanliness. It's now easier to eat healthier by hiring a cook.

  1. Quality & Peace of Mind

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domestic cleaners, laundry/dry cleaning in Singapore

Get cleaning, cooking and laundry done without a hassle.[/caption]

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve tried doing chores ourselves and found that we are not nearly as good at them as we would like. In fact, without naming any names, we know some horror stories of ruined surfaces, damaged clothes, and kitchen nightmares thanks to a lack of knowledge about how to properly do household chores. Not only will a lot of time be spent trying to learn, but the costs involved can add up quickly (particularly, for example, if the damage occurs while you’re trying to get your security deposit back). Even good-faith attempts can often result in shabby, bland outcomes.

Relying on experienced help is refreshing: a properly cleaned bathroom, a home filled with the smell of freshly cooked food, and meticulously cleaned and ironed clothes in the closet really has no substitute.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning how impactful this work can be for the service providers, particularly for part-time cooks and cleaners. Many come from low-income jobs that pay low wages and have strenuous schedules. Many of our domestic service providers don’t have the time, resources, and knowledge to market, brand, or grow their own service business without assistance. For many, the impact simply cannot be overstated.

We want you to organise your domestic chores - cleaning, cooking and laundry/dry cleaning- without a hassle and economically.

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