6 Benefits of Hiring a Part-time Helper Over a Full-time Maid in Singapore

October 16, 2023

There are several benefits to hiring part-time helpers in Singapore. The most important benefit is safety and trust that comes with the service of a professional service provider. Hiring a part-time helper in Singapore from service providers such as Sendhelper comes without undue concerns. But that's not all. There is a plethora of benefits of hiring a part-time helper over a full-time helper which make sense to your wallet.

6 Benefits of Hiring a Part-time Helper

Better Productivity 

A part-time helper is likely to be more productive than a full-time maid at your house as they wouldn’t be burnt out and stressed from working too much for a long time. Part-time professionals are more focused on the tasks they are paid on an hourly basis. They are trained to finish the tasks neatly within the allotted time. Hence hiring part-time helpers is a sensible choice for people who do not have time to supervise or spend time with them passing on instructions.

Increased Security

One of the main concerns for people who have their parents and children at home is their safety. Hiring a full-time maid comes with a set of risks regardless of the guarantees of any agencies. Hiring part-time service from service providers in Singapore such as the Sendhelper saves you from the worry of theft and other crimes. Part-time professionals are legally eligible to work in Singapore - they are verified, vaccinated, and checked for criminal records. 

Saving a Lot of Money 

Historically, full-time maids are considered economical or cheaper. However, it’s not true. We have done the math for you by comparing the cost of a part-time and full-time helper. Considering the additional cost of serving Stay Home Notice and increased air ticket prices in current times, you pay much less while hiring part-time helpers in Singapore.

Part-time helpers do not live with you, and hence you wouldn’t need to pay any more expenses other than for the hours they worked at your place. It makes hiring part-time helpers more reliable and liability-free. Hiring part-time service is also a good option for people who don’t require regular help or service at their space. It can save the monthly salary they would otherwise have to pay an in-house maid. 

Booking the service of professional service providers also comes with the perks of availing discounts for several other complimentary services such as dry cleaning, aircon servicing, laundry, and handyman.


Part-time professional cleaning service providers are available 365 days a year. They work during festive periods too. In the event a service provider goes on a holiday, a similar service provider of the same quality and standard will be immediately available for replacement. Moreover, you also have the option to pause services as long as you want and resume it when you are ready without additional charges.

Good Expertise and Communication

Professional helpers execute chores at different places under different circumstances.  More than 75,000 households in Singapore trust them to take care of their household needs. They have good expertise in working at different places and helped them learn many new cleaning techniques and communication skills. All professionals are fluent in English and at least one other local language like Mandarin, Malay or Tamil. Therefore, you can communicate with them easily.

Keeping Privacy 

To retain privacy is one of the main reasons to hire part-time helpers. The main benefit of hiring a part-time helper from Sendhelper is that they will leave once tasks are completed. You can set a schedule to decide when a service provider should enter and leave your premises. Flexibility in scheduling services provides you the luxury to spend time with your family without the presence of a stranger. Part-time helpers are professionals who knows to respect your privacy while at work.

Value and Importance of Part-Time Helpers in Singapore

Hiring part-time helpers in Singapore offers qualitative benefits, such as a more personalized and harmonious relationship with homeowners. These helpers often bring diverse skills and experiences to the household, fostering a dynamic atmosphere. By avoiding the need for a live-in arrangement and offering flexible scheduling, this approach promotes autonomy and trust, reducing the potential for conflicts and misunderstandings that can arise with full-time maids. For you, for reasons mentioned above, a part-time domestic help could be the most adaptable and affordable option in Singapore.


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