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Baby-Sleep Training: How to Easily Put Your Baby to Sleep at Night

April 12, 2021
Baby-sleep training

Making your baby sleep at night is one of the major challenges for most parents. Babies usually wake up every few hours to get fed since their tummies are not so big to keep them feeling full throughout the night. But, as your babies grow, they need comparatively less feeding, which is when parents expect them to sleep all through the night. This mostly doesn’t go as planned, and it makes some nights very exhausting. Here is why baby-sleep training becomes very important.

It is crucial to understand that sleeping is a learnt skill to some extent. Babies also need to understand and learn this skill and know when and how to sleep. All they need is a little help from us to make them ready to learn to sleep for longer stretches. Cultivating good sleeping habits for the days also contribute to the sleep pattern of babies during the night. 

Here are a few tips to help your baby fall asleep without much uneasiness.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Create a simple and sustainable bedtime routine that is easy for you to follow on all nights as part of the baby-sleep training programme. Consistency is the key to developing any habit - even the smallest change in this routine can make your baby feel off. This can result in them getting woken more frequently during the night. Try to include some calming activities to which your baby might respond - such as shushing or swaddling. A bedtime routine is where you create positive sleep associations for your baby.

Encourage Your Baby to Soothe Themselves; Soothe Them Less

It is okay to go and check on your baby when they suddenly wake up during the night and cry for you. But trying and limiting your time with them during the night brings in an assurance that there is still time to sleep, not eat or play. Try touching their hand or chest for some time to calm them and leave the room after some time. You can also use sleepwear that is slightly weighted on the chest and sides as it makes them feel that you are still with them. This is a good way to settle down your baby’s separation anxiety.

Follow a Schedule for Daytime Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep during the daytime is vital for babies to prepare them to get the right amount of nighttime sleep. Babies usually sleep round the clock as they can’t differentiate between day and night. Babies start to sleep for longer stretches at night as they grow. Sleeping too much during the day will hold them back from having long stretches of deep sleep during the night.

Set Up a Calming Environment

The ambience of your room can be everything, so keep it at a comfortable temperature. Keep the room dark; you can also try adding some white noise in there. Even the smallest of sounds can disturb your baby during sleep. White noise will help provide a calming sound for them to keep them asleep. It is also important to keep your rooms clean as clean environments help babies fall asleep fast. Make sure your air conditioner is working fine without rattling noises and allows cool air to flow through proper ventilation. You may diagnose air conditioners and troubleshoot problems by hiring an experienced air conditioner technician on the Sendhelper app.

Be Patient

If your baby suddenly stops sleeping by themselves, there are chances for it to be because of growth spurts or sleep regression. Growth spurts usually last a few days, while regression can last up to four weeks. Babies usually get back to their normal sleeping patterns slowly, so stay patient with your baby during such times knowing that it won’t last for long.

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