How to Do Baby-Safe House Cleaning

January 1, 1970
Baby-Safe House Cleaning

Here's a few tips to do baby-safe house cleaning. Read on to learn in detail.

  • Getting a Baby Monitor
  • Do Some Multitasking
  • Cleaning Up Before Going to Bed
  • Deep-cleaning Your Home Before the Arrival of Baby
  • Stick to a Schedule for Cleaning the Home
  • Cleaning with the Use of a Timer Can Help
  • Divide the Load
  • Do a Little Cleaning Whenever Possible
  • Prioritise and Do the Major Tasks First
  • Use Disinfectant Wipes Whenever Possible
  • Keep a Spot at Your Home for Each Item
  • Create a Baby Proof Area for Playing
  • Using Appropriate Cleaning Tools

How to tackle housework easily with a baby at our homes is a question most of us might have asked many often. This would be even more challenging if you are new to the role as a parent. But there is nothing that cannot be achieved with a proper plan and idea on how to make things happen easily. This article gives you a detailed idea regarding baby-safe house cleaning - how to easily clean your home with a baby around.

Tips for Baby-Safe House Cleaning Explained

Getting a Baby Monitor

Installing a baby monitor at your home is a great idea if you prefer to clean around your house while your little one takes a nap. It would help you to have an eye on your baby when you do the daily cleaning at your home. Some people prefer using a white noise machine so that it covers up any noise that comes while they do the cleaning, and helps the baby to sleep more peacefully without any interruption.

Do Some Multitasking

Thinking that you can do all the cleaning at your home after you put your baby to sleep is going to be a bad idea since they can wake up anytime. Get ready to do some daily chores such as laundry, dishwasher loading, and wiping countertops with your baby around. Little hacks can save the time you might be spending dedicatedly on cleaning. For instance, cleaning the sink of your bathroom and kitchen every time you use it can save up your time for cleaning it later in detail with more build-up and dirt.

Cleaning Up Before Going to Bed

Make it a habit to clean your room before going to bed to sleep as none of us would want to wake up in the same mess. Making your bed is so important to get a relaxed sleep and wake up the next day on a good note.

Deep-cleaning Your Home Before the Arrival of Baby

Making sure that you get the deep-cleaning part done at your home before the baby arrives is a smart move to ease down the daily cleaning. A major time of each day will be spent taking care of your baby, hence you would be getting very little time to clean and declutter your space at least for a while. Decluttering, getting rid of the unwanted stuff surely lessens the work you might have to do otherwise.

Stick to a Schedule for Cleaning the Home

The chances of getting frustrated being a mother with a baby around all the time are on the high side. The scene is worse if you have a job too! One thing that could help many such mothers is to stick to a cleaning schedule so that the tasks do not pile up. Stick on to a weekly cleaning schedule for objects and spaces that need a deep cleaning.

Cleaning with the Use of a Timer Can Help

You can cover a lot of tasks without much worry if you have an idea that you are being timed. Using a timer while cleaning your house would help you stay more focused so that you can finish the tasks as soon as possible and go back to your baby or have some time for yourself!

Divide the Load

It is going to be an exhausting journey if you have to manage all the chores at home including cleaning after looking after the baby. Make sure that you communicate with your partner and elder kids for their contribution to the cleaning game so that the load gets divided. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your family members when you want help and feel exhausted.

Do a Little Cleaning Whenever Possible

Aiming at cleaning all the rooms would be an unrealistic aim especially when you have a baby. Do not pressure yourself while cleaning your home that you finally end up doing it each time. The best way is to do the small tasks rather than aiming at doing a hundred ones to just finally end up doing none. For instance, look around and do the small tasks in the room while you are sitting in the living room and playing with your baby. You can also vacuum your home with your baby around, as many of them love its sound. You can also do the vacuuming before nap time as they could put the baby to sleep easily.

Prioritise and Do the Major Tasks First

When coming to cleaning, prioritise and sort tasks that you should attend to immediately. For instance, picking up and clearing the floor would look more important than cleaning kitchen cabinets. Prioritising chores can save you so much from getting overwhelmed by doing all the cleaning without any idea.

Use Disinfectant Wipes Whenever Possible

Store multipurpose disinfectant wipes in each room so that it helps you clean whatever dirt that can be wiped as soon as possible. It helps to save a lot of time that you would otherwise invest in going to get the disinfectant each time when something falls on the floor. Wipes make the job much easier than you can even ask your elder children to clean with them.

Keep a Spot at Your Home for Each Item

It will be helpful for everyone who engages in cleaning if there is a fixed place to place things you use daily, especially cleaning essentials. Make sure that you keep the belongings of the baby together so that it doesn’t get mixed up.

Create a Baby Proof Area for Playing

Since there is always a chance for you to find cleaning and doing chores with the baby a little difficult with the baby around, it will be a good idea to set up a play yard for your baby so that he/she can play inside it safely. This would, in turn, help you to also monitor your baby while doing the cleaning works.

Using Cleaning Tools

You can do the cleaning job in a much easier way if you make use of dedicated tools for cleaning such as cordless vacuum, swiffer duster, dust mop, floor mop, etc. Lightweight vacuum cleaners and swiffer dusters let you dust almost anything in the house. It comes with an extendable handle and easily traps dust. Dust mops are great choices for cleaning homes as they come with washable pads; they also rotate 306 degrees, which helps you do your work with just one hand. Small floor mops that come with a good grip are helpful choices when it comes to cleaning homes.

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