Aircons Are 1/4th of Your Energy Bills and It's Killing the World!

October 17, 2018

According to a report by Straits Times, it was noted that Singaporean household energy consumption has increased by 17% over the past decade. This trend is caused by our usage of air-conditioning, which contributes to 24% of the average household’s electricity consumption. Air conditioning has become an essential part of our lives in Singapore. Many of us work and sleep better in cooler temperatures, so phasing out air conditioning from our daily lives is impractical. The only viable option available to us in such tropical regions is to ensure that we take steps to reduce our energy consumption on air conditioning units. Such energy consumption is directly linked to the efficiency of the air conditioning units.

When we use our aircon, the air conditioning unit tends to accumulate particles in the air, namely dust and dirt. This accumulation of dirt and dust, obstructs air flow. This reduces the system’s efficiency substantially. If not rectified, the filter may carry dirt particles into the evaporator coil, which adversely affects the heat-absorbing capabilities of the coil. Thus, after a few years, your air conditioner substantially loses efficiency. In fact, not servicing your air conditioners regularly causes it to lose 5% of its efficiency each year!

This results in the aircon unit consuming more energy, which we all know contributes to climate change adversely. Collectively, the energy wasted means that more electricity has to be produced. Electricity generation plants end up burning more fossil fuels to meet this increased demand for electricity. In addition to this, aircons release tons of greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. It is a vicious cycle – the increased usage of air conditioning feeds the increase in global temperature, which feeds the need for the former.

Having our air con maintenance done regularly will help reduce our energy consumption.

With regular servicing of your aircon, the once inefficient aircon is able to return to 95% of its original efficiency. The clean aircon unit no longer needs to consume as much electricity as before to provide the cool home which you enjoy. This also reduces your carbon footprint!

Professionals advise that although you may not think that your aircon is malfunctioning, it should at least be serviced and inspected four times a year. Having a specialist inspect your aircon unit to conduct aircon cleaning and aircon chemical wash may help to bring issues to light which can be nipped at the bud. Regularly carrying out aircon maintenance not only helps to keep the aircon functions in their best state, but also prevents situations where small issues could magnify and become costlier to repair at a later stage. Furthermore, servicing your aircon unit regularly can increase its efficiency by up to 15%.

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