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A Strong Man and Loving Father Not Afraid of Failures

June 16, 2016

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we decided to reach out to a wonderful dad who is a superhero to his 11-years-old daughter and family. Meet Mr.Michael, a full-time F&B marketing consultant as well as a freelance service partner with Sendhelper. Let’s get to know him and we hope you will be inspired to take a leaf out of his life.

Q: Hi Michael, could you tell us more about yourself? How big is your family?

I am just an ordinary local man, married to a caring and understanding wife and we have an 11 year old daughter.

Q: You are a full-time marketing consultant. Why did you decide to work with Sendhelper as a freelance domestic cleaner?

I like to keep myself occupied all the time. As an independent F&B marketing consultant, my work is mostly project based with occasional visits to clients. On top of that, after sending my daughter off to school in the morning, I would be sitting idle at home. I realised that I have sufficient time to take up a job that provides flexibility around working hours and at the same time keeping me productive. As I was looking for a suitable opportunity, I came across sendhelper and decided to sign-up because the job arrangement perfectly fit into my schedule.

Q: Having been to hundreds of houses by now, can you share with us a memorable experience at work?

To be honest, every visit to my customers has been memorable. If I am to share one of the more memorable ones, it would be my experience with two ‘hostile’ cats in a house. I’m friends with one of the cats (she added me on facebook and is following me on instagram) and still working hard to befriend the other. The owner was shockingly surprised that I managed to strike a chord with his presumably wild cat.

Not just pets, I like to meet and greet people and leave behind a good impression.

Q: What is it that you believe makes you different from others?

I believe in karma - what goes around comes around. I am sincere and always willing to give more, whether it’s in terms of time or effort. In every assignment that I undertake, I don't go off until the job has been completed. I do not claim extra money for working a little more than the actual working hours. I understand most customers appreciate my sincerity and would request for my service in future. In fact some of them have become my good friends.

Q: What/who motivates you to press forward during difficult times in life?

Everyone needs motivation. My family, their happiness is my sole motivation. Nothing beats it.

Q: Do you enjoy fatherhood? How has your daughter changed your life?

There are ups and downs to parenthood. I would prefer only to remember the best moments. I am enjoying fatherhood, of course. Even during hardships, I know it’s all worth it. To realise there is another family member to love you to the core, that itself would spark a change in your life.

Q: How have you prepared for fatherhood before the birth of your daughter?

Nothing will prepare you enough for fatherhood, trust me. Most of the things you read and familiarised before will go down the toilet. Kids are different and so will your experience be. My wife and I learnt it by trial and error. But, fret not. It will turn out good, eventually. As I keep saying, it’s worth it.

Q: If there is one lesson that your kid want to remember forever in life, what would it be?

I want her to understand that if her instincts persuade her to try out something in life (of course, the noble ones) she must be brave enough to do it and see what happens. Let me tell you, if you don’t try, you will never succeed. If you try, the chance of failure is there but so is the chance of success. You shouldn’t be ashamed of failure but of not trying.

Q: What would you advise all fathers and fathers-to-be?

Nobody likes advice, so let me keep this short.

To all fathers, spend as much as time with the kids. We can never get that time back, and to all fathers- to-be, sleep as much as you can before the baby comes. You will miss it.

As I said before, I’m an ordinary man and whatever I’ve shared with you are experiences from my humble life so far. Being said that, I’m a proud father and a great friend to my daughter.

Here's Michael wishing you a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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