6 Ways to Save Electricity Cost on Air Conditioner

March 13, 2017

We are well into the spring in Singapore and summer is fast approaching. Needless to say that heat and humidity are perennial conditions in an equatorial climate zone such as ours. Air conditioning is a must and its energy bills tend to make us bite the dust. So, let’s see how we can save 10%-20% of our energy bill through a few simple steps and some discipline.

Weatherise – don’t let the cool air escape

The idea is to not let cold air slip out of worn out doors, window seals & cracks.  More often than not, this is an issue faced in older units and properties. It is a very simple problem to solve. Just stand outside your doors and windows, run your hands along the edges. If you feel air escaping, just simple caulking (i.e. application of sealants) and insulation around leaky edges will go a long way in sealing the air in. And of course, avoid committing the cardinal sin of using air conditioner with your doors & windows open.

Ensure that the AC unit is not taking direct heat

Keeping the AC unit or any of its components, especially the thermostat under direct sunlight or placing lamps, TVs, any heat generating appliances nearby forces the AC to work harder. Allow your air conditioner to work efficiently by drawing your blinds or curtains and allowing it to be in shade.

Set your air conditioner to a comfortable 78F / 25C degrees

Experts say that this is the optimal performance level for modern day AC units. Further, for every degree that you increase beyond this level, you save 8% in energy costs. For a $100 monthly energy bill, that’s 2 plates of chicken rice earned, my friend!

Regular maintenance by professionals

Your air conditioning units should be inspected, cleaned and tuned by professionals before the hot season begins. Get your air filter inspected frequently and replace it when required. This is particularly critical during summers when dust and allergens circulate more. If filter is choked, the system will have to slog harder to stream the same volume of cold air. You can find trained, experienced and insured maintenance professionals & companies on sendhelper starting from 17/AC unit per servicing. Save more on annual contracts starting as low as $150 / year for all your AC units.

Place your outdoor units strategically

Ensure that outdoor units have adequate airflow. Avoid facing walls, plants, shrubs, and any landscaping within 5 feet away from your outdoor unit.

Use fans

Investing is supplementary fans is a great idea. Fans consume 4% of the energy that AC units consume. Once you have cooled your room, go ahead and use the fan to keep the circulation going.

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