5 Smart Bedroom Lighting Ideas

April 11, 2024

A lot of people have an idea about their bedroom to be dark as they do not want to wake up to the sun every day. But with time, many of them have also realised that having proper lighting in our bedrooms is as important as the dark. It is also as important to light our bedrooms just like we light up other areas of our space such as the kitchen and living rooms. Choosing the right kind of bedroom lighting also enhances the aesthetics of your bedroom. Here are a few reasons why lighting is important in your bedroom.

Setting the Mood Lighting creates the desired ambiance, whether for relaxation or productivity.
Functionality Proper lighting enables tasks like reading and getting dressed comfortably.
Aesthetics Well-placed lights enhance the bedroom's overall decor and visual appeal.
Safety Adequate lighting reduces the risk of accidents, especially at night.
Promoting Relaxation Soft, warm lighting signals your body to wind down, aiding in relaxation and sleep quality.

Technology has given endless possibilities on this, and it helps us not to worry about the limitations to decorate a room with just one type of light.

Let us discuss the five ways through which anyone can get a well-lit bedroom.

Control Bedroom Lights with Your Smartphone

Controlling bedroom lights with smartphone

Numerous phone-controlled lighting systems have developed in the last decade with the increasing use of smartphones and home Wi-Fi. These light systems allow us to control lights at our homes through an app. This way seems to be very useful for bedroom lighting since we can turn it off/on with just a click on our phone. It also helps us to adjust the mood of our bedroom and let the lights go off with a timer if you prefer to fall asleep with lights off.

Install Spot Lights Around the Home

We usually associate spotlights with the kitchen even when it works wonderfully in our bedrooms. An LED downlight or spotlights lets you select the lighting to focus on the dressing table, wardrobe, or even your books while reading. LEDs make the perfect choice for lighting rooms as they use less power when compared to traditional bulbs - the extra advantage is that you can save a good amount of money this way.

Use Dim Lights at the Side Tables

Our taste decides the design of the bedroom lamps we choose, but you must consider the type of light and its flexibility, especially when you want to use it as a reading light. The traditional bedside lamp and posable office style lamps are great choices, but try considering built-in lamps and flexible lamps. The need to move and adjust a reading light is very crucial while reading as the size of the text changes with your eyesight over time. Choosing flexible lights also lets you keep the light out of your partner’s eyes who might not be as a bookworm as you. Pinpoint lights that can be altered to illuminate a wider area also make an ideal choice for our bedrooms.

Choose the Right Kind of Lights

There are a lot of opinions on bedroom lighting that are best for our bedrooms. You need to have bright lights on a dull day and a warm while you want to relax a bit and go to sleep. LEDs are known for emitting a good amount of halogens and blue light like daylight, so you might wish to go for a bulb that emits red, pink, or orange color that you can use while relaxing.

Go for the Choice of You have in Mind

Pendant lampshades are something people are buying for their rooms after putting in a lot of thought. Mostly, people buy the less costly and plain ones for them to go with the kind of decor suited for the rooms. But, isn’t it a good idea to decorate your room with unusual and extravagant lights we love? The choice of bedroom lights is one of the main decorative features of your room; it is also about what you really want, and you would not need to explain your choices to visitors.

Install Bedroom Lights of Your Choice

Choosing the best bedroom lights is only the first step to decorating your bedroom. For proper wiring and installation of lights you certainly need the help of an experienced electrician. You can book an electrician on the Sendhelper app or website by selecting the Handyman category. We assure a trusted and verified electrician will visit you to install bedroom lights. Download the app or website to view the price list and for fast booking.

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