4 Tips for Lowering Your Utility Bills!

October 17, 2018

In Singapore, electricity tariffs and water prices have risen this quarter. Fret not! Your utility bills need not rise along with tariffs and price hikes. Here are 4 suggested measures in which you can manage your electricity and water usage more efficiently.

Check for running toilets

The most prevalent reason for a high water bill is water running in your toilets. The trickling of the flush might not sound like a large amount of water flow but it can waste up to 758 litres of water or more daily. Not only does this add to your water utilities bill, it also environmentally unfriendly. Some people try to fix their toilet flushes on their own. However, this is a case which calls for a specialist. Hence, it is advisable to engage plumbing services to rectify the problem in such situations as trying to fix the default on your own might aggravate the issue.

Install a water meter

According to an article by Independent, having a water meter installed at home helps consumers to save money. In a home which does not have a water meter, the bill is based on the rateable value. This does not account for the water used. Those who use a lot of water and those who use less water are charged the same amount. However, when a water meter is installed, users are better informed of their actual consumption habits. This allows them to adjust their water consumption accordingly to minimise their water bills.

Repair faulty electrical wiring

Does your home’s circuit breaker trip multiple times in a month? Ever smelled an odd burnt odour in your house? Or has a wall outlet at home ever felt warm? These are signs of faulty wiring. The additional heat shows that extra electricity is consumed to produce heat on top of powering your devices. Essentially, electricity is not efficiently used.

Frayed or damaged wiring are more common but not limited to old houses. Having a pet also increases the probability of your wiring being damaged as some pets do chew on wires. Such cases require a licensed electrician to fix the wires as exposed wires are dangerous to handle on our own. Engaging a handyman in Singapore to repair faulty wiring minimises safety hazards. Moreover, the electrician will also be able to spot additional potential electrical hazards if there are any.

Switch to energy efficient electrical appliances

In 2014, National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) rolled out a new rating to help consumers better identify energy efficient products. Appliances with rated 5 ticks consume less energy. Check the rating of your household appliances and see if they fall within the range of 5 ticks. Refrigerators, televisions and clothes dryers consume a huge proportion of your household’s electricity. While it may be costly to change these appliances in the short run, switching these appliances with more energy efficient ones would help you save cost in the long run.

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