4 Reasons to Wall-Mount Your Television

February 6, 2024

Your television set should no more be placed on a piece of furniture as if it is made to sit there forever. There are many benefits -practical & aesthetic- to wall-mounting modern televisions.

1. The Television is meant to be mounted

The most obvious reason to mount your television on the wall is modern Plasma, LED or LCD sets are designed to be mounted.

2. More Living Space

Tables, shelves or other furniture piece used to place a television set will take up additional floor space. By mounting the television on the wall, you not only clear up the floor space, the TV set will take up less visual space too. You are also going to save up on extra furniture.

3. Sleeker & Cleaner Look

Wall mounted television appear sleeker and if planned, it can blend well with the wall decoration giving your living space added charm. The ugly wires can be hidden behind the TV screen giving a cleaner look. Some people even have photo slides running on their TVs when not in use.

4. Optimal Viewing Angle

Wall-mounts allow you to place the TV at the right height and angle ensuring a perfect viewing experience. Unlike TV sets placed on furniture which are often lower/higher than the eye level, wall mounted ones lines up with your eye level thereby preventing neck sprain and eye strain.

To summarise the benefits and reasons of wall-mounting your television,

Designed for Mounting Modern TVs are built for wall-mounting, offering a contemporary solution.
Space Optimization Wall-mounting clears floor space, eliminating the need for extra furniture and creating a visually open environment.
Sleek Appearance Wall-mounted TVs blend seamlessly with wall decor, and hidden wires contribute to a clean, tidy look.
Optimal Viewing Wall-mounts allow precise height and angle adjustments, preventing neck and eye strain for an ideal viewing experience.

You can consult a professional handyman before purchasing a new television set or to wall mount television that you have. Download sendhelper app or visit website to find a verified handyman. Do not forget to mention your requirements while booking!

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