3 Things at Home Kids Break (often) That You Can Fix

April 12, 2017

Kids are always animated dashing around the house from one room to another without caution. On their way, they break or spoil things you set up patiently. Broken items may be irreparable but before you lose heart let us tell you there are things you can fix at a lower cost. If fixing is not your forte, you may want to call up a professional handyman.

Here are three things kids break at home often.

1.Table Top

Be it the dining, living room or any table, you and kids spent time working on assignments, projects or simple leisurely activities like craft making on it. It is inevitable you find scratches or damages caused by scissors, knives, marker stain etc. on top or below the table. Following are the options to mitigate the extent of damage:

Wax filler sticks cover up minor scratches, make sure to use the same colour as the table.

Deeper scratches will require sanding and refinishing which can be done with the help of a professional handyman

2.Window Pane

Hard objects can easily break glass. How often have you seen kids breaking glass windows by accidentally hitting them with hard objects? If it didn’t break, it would have been left with a deep scratch. Single window pane can be easily replaced by anyone. However, leave replacing of double window pane to a professional.

3.Chair or Stool Rung

Kids love to stand on the chair or on the rung. Lightweight chairs/rungs break easily not being able to withstand the weight.

If the rung has been knocked out, lightly sand the end and remove any old glue from the rung holes.  Apply fresh glue on both ends of the rung and reinsert into the hole. Leave it overnight to dry.

Use wooden glue to re-secure broken rung and clamp it until dry. Lightly sand and stain to match the wood colour.

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