3 Air Conditioner Problems That Require Immediate Fixing

May 15, 2020
Air Conditioner Problems That Require Immediate Fixing

Emergency air conditioner problems at home causing headache?

As we are forced to stay in the comfort of our home for a greater cause during the circuit breaker period, our domestic energy consumption behaviour has changed in terms of shift in periods of usage. But it hasn’t reduced. Work from home arrangement demands uninterrupted use of electricity to run computers, air conditioners, lights etc. for longer hours than before.

The constant use of electrical appliances for prolonged periods may result in them malfunctioning if not well taken care of. The circuit breaker measures have exempted emergency fixes and repairs of appliances like air conditioners from general restrictions that apply to other non-essential services. In this article, you can learn about some of the common problems with air conditioners that need immediate attention and professional care.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

  1. Low Cooling - Singapore is not getting any cooler as days pass by. In fact the nation is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the world. You need to maintain a comfortable temperature at home where you are working from. Too warm and humid conditions will sap your energy sooner than you realise. If your air conditioner is not cooling enough, it is probably due to insufficient refrigerant. Refrigerants are usually a gaseous-state substance that an air conditioner uses to reduce heat and humidity. Therefore, leakage along refrigerant lines requires immediate fix before the entire AC unit completely breaks down. Frozen evaporator coils could also cause release of warmer air. These problems should be thoroughly checked by a professional air conditioner technician.
  2. Leaking Water - Air conditioners leaking water is a common problem that can never be taken lightly. You wouldn’t want to find your home which is now doubled up as your workspace flooded when you wake up in the morning. Clogged water will also damage your flooring and furniture. Malfunctioning of several air conditioner parts could lead to water leakage. A clogged drain line is a common cause of water leakage from air conditioners. When the drain line is clogged with dirt, slush or mould, water backs up. A dirty air filter also leads to water leakage. An unclean air filter obstructs flow of air around the evaporator coil. Thus the coil gets cold, and freezes over. It melts and drips into the drain pan after a while, and when the amount of water exceeds what the pan can hold, water will leak through the AC unit.
  3. Producing Annoying Noise - Air conditioners at times produce annoying crackling, rattling, grinding, humming or popping noises. Whatever it is, such noises are indicators of a faulty part inside the unit. The fan attached to the motor may cause a rattling noise. If the fan is loose or if the fan blades bent, you will hear something rattling in the air conditioner. Another reason could be the loose bolts and panels of the AC unit that has been in use for a long time. It is primarily due to wear and tear or unprofessional installation. If you hear a loud humming noise, it suggests the starting capacitor is defective. A grinding sound indicates that the lubrication around the motor shaft is wearing off or the fan bearing is coming off. Faulty air ducts often produce popping sound as the air cuts on and off. No matter what the noise is, you require a professional air conditioner service provider to immediately fix them. Malfunctioning air conditioners also consume more energy, and thus skyrocket your electricity bills.

Emergency Fixes and Repair Works During Circuit Breaker

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