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How can I register as a service partner?

To register as a service partner of Sendhelper,

  1. Visit
  2. Tap on ‘Click to Register’
  3. Fill up the registration form and submit

After registering successfully, a service partner executive will contact you to take you through the on-boarding process.

I can’t login to my account. What should I do?

Please ensure you are logging in using the same email address and password that you used to create your account. If you still fail to log into your account, please go through the following steps:

  1. Check for internet connectivity. Log-in may fail due to poor connectivity
  2. Reinstall or update the app
  3. Restart the device and log in again

If the problem persists, please email us on

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Use ‘Forgot Password’ on our app. We will send you a recovery password to your registered email. Enter the new password and follow the instructions.

I removed the app from my device. Will my account also be deleted?

Your account will not be deleted when you remove the app from your device. You can use the same email address and password to log in after reinstalling the app. However, if you want your account to be permanently deleted, please write to us on

Cleaning Service
  • Mop the floor
  • Wipe cooking stove and exterior of all outside appliances
  • Wipe outside of all cabinets and work surface
  • Wash basin (provided it is empty)
  • Wash dishes
  • Empty bins
  • Clean and disinfect bathtub/shower, basin and toilet bowl
  • Wash and dry bathroom floor and walls
  • Clean all mirrors
  • General tidy up
  • Empty bins

Living Areas
  • Vacuum and mop the floor
  • Dust and wipe down all accessible surfaces and furniture
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • General tidy up
  • Vacuum and mop the floor
  • Dust and wipe down all accessible surfaces and furniture
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Change bed linen
  • General tidy up
Additional Tasks
  • Clean windows* and grilles (rotational basis)
  • Clean doors and metal gate (rotational basis)
  • Ironing (for 3 hours service only and subject to a maximum of 10 pieces per visit)

*Job scope does not include cleaning of ceiling and wall fans, high windows and grilles, exterior of windows and grilles of high-rise apartments or homes with more than one level, curtain rails, shifting of furniture, removal of renovation debris, laundry and packing of personal items.

Please note: Not all tasks will be completed in one session. This will depend on the number of hours booked per session and the condition of the premises to be cleaned.

Deep Cleaning Service
Bedroom & Living Room
  • Vacuum & mop floors
  • Wipe all furniture, tabletops, and other fittings
  • Wipe inside of wardrobe (if empty)
  • Clean & polish all mirrors
  • Vacuum & mop the floor
  • Dust & clean furniture (if any)
  • Wash the floor
  • Wipe surfaces
  • Wash & disinfect basin
  • Clean exterior of oven, stove, and refrigerator
  • Wipe inside of cabinets, if empty
  • Clean & disinfect bathtub, toilet bowls, sinks & other fittings
  • Wash toilet floor and wall tiles
  • Remove stains (if any/possible)
  • Clean & polish all mirrors
  • Clean all windows (interior/exterior where possible) and grilles
  • Wipe and clean all ceiling lights and fans

Air Condition Service
Inspection & Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot faults in the air conditioning system
  • Recommend appropriate repair actions
  • Provide quotation on repair or replacement of faulty parts
General Maintenance
  • Clean air filter, front panel and cover
  • Check deodorising and purifying filter
  • Clean blower wheel and fan blade
  • Clean indoor evaporator coil
  • Clean indoor drainage tray for wall mount fan coil
  • Vacuum drainage pan
  • Brush outdoor compressor coil
  • Lubricate motor bearing
  • Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure
  • Check and fix loose electrical wiring
Chemical Wash & Gas Top Up
  • Technicians may recommend cleaning of fan coils, water trays and air filters with a chemical based solution for effective cleaning of internal parts.
  • Refrigerant refill may be required depending on the condition of the units.

Laundry Service
  • Arrive at the customer’s chosen location for laundry pick-up
  • Count the number of laundry items
  • Uninstall, remove and weigh curtains
  • Sort clothes and curtains in carry bags
  • Tag each bag for reference
  • Transport items to the partner’s laundry washing facility
  • Wash/Dry clean clothes/curtains at the partner’s laundry facility
  • Arrive at the customer’s chosen location for laundry delivery
  • Deliver clean clothes and curtains packed in bags
  • Install curtains back
  • Cross check for missing items

Handyman Service

Electrical Work

Inspection & Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot faults in switches, wiring, lights, power outlets and electrical system
  • Recommend appropriate repair actions
  • Provide quotation on repair or replacement of faulty parts
  • Fix power failure and short circuit tripping issues
  • Install LED lights, ceiling, outdoor and garden lighting
  • Repair or replace switches and power outlets
  • Repair or replace light fixtures and wiring
  • Repair or replace ceiling fans
  • Repair or replace electrical appliances like microwave oven, induction stove, refrigerator, water heater, water purifier, television, washing machine etc.
  • Upgrade wiring and electrical panels
After Sales Service Support
  • Up to 60 days of workmanship warranty


Inspection & Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot plumbing problems
  • Recommend appropriate repair actions
  • Provide quotation on repair or replacement of faulty parts
  • Install, repair, replace leaking kitchen faucets and fixtures
  • Install, repair, replace bathroom and toilet fittings and fixtures
  • Remodel bathrooms
  • Repair burst pipes
  • Repair or replace water heater
  • Repair and renovate rubbish chute
  • Unclog drains and sink
General Assembly & Repairs
  • Fix drawers and loose screws
  • Fix padding for furniture
  • Install and assemble home furniture
  • Repair wardrobe
  • Repair kitchen and storage cabinets
  • Repair doors and locks
  • Repair sliding doors and tracks
  • Repair or replace door knobs, latches and hinges
  • Repair or replace glass door panels
Renovation & Painting Service
  • Job scope will be advised by the Service Partner depending on the nature of the home project
After Sales Service Support
  • Up to 60 days of workmanship warranty

Cooking Service
Grocery Shopping
  • Buy groceries and food ingredients for cooking upon request
Meal Preparation
  • Clean up kitchen countertop to ensure the area is hygienic
  • Set up workstation with food ingredients and cooking equipment
  • Ensure proper connection of electric cooking appliances as a safety measure
  • Prepare ingredients to use in cooking (peeling and chopping of vegetables, washing and cutting meat etc.)
  • Monitor the progress while the food is being cooked
  • Transfer cooked food to serving dishes

Presentation and Storage
  • Present the food on the table
  • Pack food in containers, label and store them in refrigerator or freezer
Clean up
  • Wash and dry cooking utensils
  • Wipe cooking equipment
  • Wipe the workstation to remove food particles and stains
  • Collect rubbish in a trash bag and dispose it of in the designated bin

Exception: Job scope does not include sweeping and mopping of kitchen floor, cleaning cabinets, deep cleaning of stove, oven and refrigerator and washing of plates and serving dishes.

Elderly Care Service
General Home Care
  • Feed, shower, toilet, change diaper and dress
  • Support movement in and around home and reduce fall-risk
  • Assist with home and outdoors exercises
  • Monitor medication dosage and timing
  • Purchase meals or food ingredients as per the diet plan
  • Escort to clinics and hospitals
Tasks and Errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Office/home parcel delivery
  • Packing
  • Home decoration and organisation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Moving and rearranging furniture
  • Heavy weight lifting
  • Move-in/move-out transport

Exception: We are not accepting babysitting and pet care service requests currently.

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