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How does it work?

For laundry bookings, all you need to do is select the date and time you want your items collected.   Cost of standard items can be found in the laundry section of ...

August 05, 2020

What is the delivery charge?

Collection and delivery are included in the total cost, however there is a minimum charge of $25 required for each booking.

August 05, 2020

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is usually 3 working days. However, some larger and bulkier items take longer to wash and so the turnaround time will increase accordingly.

August 05, 2020

Can you get a stain out for me?

Our Service Partners can certainly try. Please inform the person on collection at the time of pick up or type in the message in the comments box while submitting a ...

August 05, 2020

Are my clothes washed along with someone else’s?

Certainly not! All customers have their own washer and dryer. For load wash items we ask for a minimum of 3Kg.

August 05, 2020

I need curtains to be taken down and installed. Can that be done?

Of course, but please mention this in the comments box before submitting a booking so that the laundry pick-up person comes prepared to take them down and install after delivery.

August 05, 2020

One item is damaged/missing, what do I do?

As soon as you notice there is an issue please contact us via email at with photos. We will assist in resolving the issue in any way we can. Please inform ...

August 05, 2020

What is the normal job scope of laundry service?

Collection Arrive at customer’s chosen location for pick-upCount the number of clothesUninstall, remove and weigh curtainsSort clothes and curtains in carry bagsTag each bag for referenceTransport items to partner’s laundry facility Washing Wash/Dry ...

October 08, 2020


How do I know how much it will cost?

When booking a job via the app, please include a brief description of the work to be done and include some photos if you can. A handyman will accept the ...

August 05, 2020

Do I have to pay the $50 visitation charge too?

No, this only applies if the service provider does a site visit and you decide not to go ahead with the job, otherwise it will be waived.

August 05, 2020

How do I get in contact with my handyman?

Once a job has been accepted by a service provider, you can contact them via the in-app messaging function. Alternatively you can contact our customer service agents on +65 9387 ...

August 05, 2020

How do I pay the handyman?

When a job has been completed, the billing will be uploaded to the app. Once you have ‘approved’ the billing, your credit card will be charged accordingly and a receipt ...

August 05, 2020

What if I am not happy with the quote?

Not a problem, we will do our best to find you an alternative quote. Please contact us on or +65 9387 5891 (Call/Whatsapp) with your query and our agents will assist ...

August 05, 2020

What handyman services do you provide?

Plumbing services  Electrical services  Furniture assembly services  Decorating services  Should you have anything specific, please get in contact with us and we will advise whether that can be done. 

August 05, 2020

What is the normal job scope of handyman service?

Electrical Work Inspection & Troubleshooting Troubleshoot faults in switches, wiring, lights, power outlets and electrical systemRecommend appropriate repair actionsProvide quotation on repair or replacement of faulty parts Fixing Fix power failure and short circuit ...

October 08, 2020


Deep Cleaning


What equipment do I need to provide?

For a complete clean and depending on your requirements please provide the following as needed:  Vacuum Mop and bucket Floor cleaner Bathroom cleaner Kitchen cleaner  Window/mirror cleaner Bleach for the toilet Rubber gloves Clean sponges and dust cloths for ...

August 05, 2020

What are ad-hoc and recurring bookings?

An ad-hoc booking is a one-off service request. Recurring bookings are for the same day(s) and time each week with the same service provider.   Upon acceptance by a service provider your payment ...

August 05, 2020

Can I request for a change to my service provider if I am not satisfied?

Of course! Should you be unsatisfied for whatever reason and would like to change your service provider, please contact us on or +65 93875891 (Call/Whatsapp) and we will help ...

August 05, 2020

How do I extend the duration of a service?

Before or during a service you may extend it via the app in 30-minute slots. Simply press on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of the job’s page and click ...

August 05, 2020

What is the minimum duration I can book?

For both ad-hoc and recurring services there is a minimum of 2.5 hours required per session.

August 05, 2020

I have a dog, are service providers comfortable to work in the presence of pets?

Not all of our service providers are comfortable around pets. To avoid any confusion or last-minute cancellations please state you have a pet in the comments section before submitting a ...

August 05, 2020

The app says 3.5 hours for a 3-room apartment but I want to book a 4 hours job, how do I do that?

The hours are only given as a guideline for the minimum duration, but of course you can increase it depending on the work to be done.

August 05, 2020

My service provider hasn’t turned up, what do I do?

We strive to maintain the highest professional standards and ethics. However in case of any unforeseen circumstances, if there is a 'no-show', please contact us immediately on or +65 93875891 (Call/Whatsapp) ...

August 05, 2020

How do I contact the service provider?

Once your service request has been accepted by a service provider, in your “My Jobs” page, you view their name and contact them via the in-app messaging service.

August 05, 2020

What if I want to cancel a service request that has already been confirmed?

All service requests cancelled after being assigned to a Service Partner will incur a $5 cancellation charge if cancelled more than 24 hours in advance. A $25 cancellation charge shall apply ...

August 05, 2020

Is there anything the service providers cannot do?

The service providers for general home cleaning do not steam clean, perform carpet cleaning or cleaning of heavily soiled areas and mould. These activities require our deep cleaning service.   The following ...

August 05, 2020

What if I’m not happy with the cleaning?

Cleaning standards and methods differ from person to person, they are subjective. The key to minimising these issues is to share your expectations upfront with our service providers. From what cloths ...

August 05, 2020

What if a service provider cancels a confirmed booking?

In the rare situation where a service provider cancels his/her booking due to some unforeseen circumstances, we will try our best to assign you a replacement service provider. In the ...

August 05, 2020

What is the normal job scope of cleaning service?

The Kitchen  Mop floor  Wipe cooking stove and exterior of all outside appliances Wipe outside of all cabinets and work surface Wash basin (provided it is empty) Wash dishes Empty the bin  The Bathroom  Clean and disinfect bathtub/shower, ...

October 08, 2020

Air Condition

Elderly Care

Tasks and Errands

What kind of services can I request for?

You can request for assistance with a variety of tasks including but not limited to grocery shopping, office/home parcel delivery, packing, home organisation, airport pick-up, moving and rearranging furniture, heavy ...

November 14, 2020

What information should I add in the task description box?

The task description box is where you will put in the scope and details of the requested task. You need to add all relevant information so that the Service Provider/Tasker ...

November 14, 2020

Can I edit the task request or description after submitting the request?

You won’t be able to make amendments to an already submitted task description. We advise you to carefully proofread your requirements before submitting.

November 14, 2020

How far in advance can I make a booking?

We recommend you to book for services a week in advance (not too early or too late) so that Service Providers/Taskers can plan their schedule ahead. However, even same-day requests ...

November 14, 2020

What happens to my request after booking?

A qualified Service Provider/Tasker who is available as per your preferred schedule will accept the request. You will be notified of the same immediately via the app and email.

November 14, 2020

Can I trust the Service Provider/Tasker who accepted my request?

Service Providers/Taskers on Sendhelper platform are verified and background-checked to ensure only the best with a good track record are available to you. 

November 14, 2020

How do I know the matched Service Provider/Tasker is the best for me?

Service Providers/Taskers on Sendhelper platform are experienced in performing various tasks. Depending on your requirements, only the most qualified Service Provider/Tasker who can complete the task to your satisfaction will ...

November 14, 2020

Should I contact the Service Provider/Tasker after my request is accepted?

You can use the call/chat options available in the app to communicate with the Service Provider/Tasker if you find the need to discuss the task in detail, clarify or expand ...

November 14, 2020

Can I request the Service Provider/Tasker to do more tasks that were not mentioned in the original booking?

You can request the Service Provider to complete more tasks provided the Service Provider/tasker agrees to fulfil them. We advise you to seek confirmation from the Service Provider/Tasker that he/she ...

November 14, 2020

How do I request for more than one Service Provider/Tasker?

Service Providers/Taskers on Sendhelper platform are independent contractors. To avail the services of multiple Service Providers/Tasker, you are required to make as many separate bookings for the required number of ...

November 14, 2020

How do I rehire a Service Provider/Tasker?

If you’re satisfied with a Service Provider/Tasker, you can request for the same person for future requirements by setting your preferred Service Provider in the app before a new booking.

November 14, 2020

Can I reschedule my booking?

You can communicate with the Service Provider/Tasker via the call/chat options in the app and mutually agree upon a revised job time and reschedule directly in the app. If you’re ...

November 14, 2020

Can I cancel a confirmed booking?

All jobs cancelled after confirmation will incur a $5 cancellation fee. If the booking is cancelled in 24 hours or less prior to the scheduled time, a $25 cancellation fee ...

November 14, 2020

What if the Service Provider does not show up at the appointed hour or cancel the booking?

We strive to maintain the highest professional standards and ethics. However in case of any unforeseen circumstances, if there is a 'no-show', please inform us immediately via the app or hotline and ...

November 14, 2020

How much does the services cost?

The app displays the cost of the requested service before you confirm a booking in the app.

November 14, 2020

How can I provide feedback on a Service Provider/Tasker?

You can write to the customer support team on sharing your experience and feedback regarding the Service Provider/Tasker. The customer support team will assist you in redressing any grievances ...

November 14, 2020


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