What is the normal job scope of cooking service?

Grocery Shopping

  • Buy groceries and ingredients required upon request

Meal Preparation

  • Clean up kitchen countertop and ensure the area is hygienic 
  • Set up workstation with ingredients and cooking equipment
  • Ensure electric cooking appliances are connected properly as a safety measure
  • Prepare ingredients to use in cooking (peeling and chopping of vegetables, washing and cutting meat etc.)
  • Monitor the progress while the food is being cooked
  • Transfer cooked food to serving dishes 

Presentation and Storage

  • Present the food on the table 
  • Package food in containers, label them, and store in refrigerator or freezer


  • Wash and dry cooking utensils
  • Wipe cooking equipment
  • Wipe the workstation to remove food particles and stains
  • Collect rubbish in a trash bag and dispose it of in the designated bin

Exception: Job scope does not include sweeping and mopping of kitchen floor, cleaning cabinets, deep cleaning of stove, oven and refrigerator and washing of plates and serving dishes.

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