Happy Women’s Day 2019

Happy Women's Day

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Posted by sendhelper on Friday, 8 March 2019

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5 Tips to help you reach your new year goals!

goal chart
credits: lindamelone.com

“New Year resolutions do work!”, is a statement most would not agree with. Many usually stumble 2 weeks into trying to achieve their new resolutions. However, what happened in the past should not define what is to come! It is possible for us to achieve our resolutions and goals. Here are some tips for you to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself in the year of 2019!

Avoid vague resolutions

People often give up on goals when they feel that what they have set for themselves are unachievable. This is likely caused by vague phrasing of resolutions. Examples of such resolutions are:

“I would like to be fitter”

“I would like to sleep earlier”

Envision goal setting as if we are novices knowing nothing about building planes but are tasked to build one. The vagueness of these goals is a stumbling block in itself. It is like expecting a newbie to build a plane with missing instructions. The lack of clarity in direction of goals will and has caused many to stumble.

Quantify your goals

Craft your resolutions better by quantifying them. Here’s how the earlier examples can be phrased better:

“I would like to be fitter –lose 4kg by 6months

“Instead of sleeping at 2am, I would like to sleep by 10pm every night”

The latter statements also express the same intentions in a more specific manner. However, actions that could be taken for latter statements are more tangible than the former statements.

Be present, don’t multi-task

Don’t be busy, be present. Being present heightens our awareness to our surroundings and ourselves. Doing so helps us to be conscientious in attaining our goals. Additionally, we use our time better and thus feel less burnt out.

We also become more sensitive to small details otherwise unnoticed on a daily basis. Being aware of how our bodies react to different stimuli might help us to improve our health incrementally. We might not see the dust at home. However, sinus flare ups are signals to us that our aircon needs to undergo maintenance.

Sleep better to regulate your emotions better throughout this journey

sleep better

The adult body requires 7-9 hours of sleep daily. This is a consensus agreed upon across different research boards. Sleeping enough, at the right time, prevents disruptions to our moods and hormones. Furthermore, when our circadian systems are in sync with their natural rhythms, our bodies are less susceptible to illnesses. This decreases the number of obstacles we face in improving ourselves. Keeping dirt and allergens at bay helps us to get enough sleep. If our schedules are packed, there are cleaning services and laundry services to ensure that our homes and clothes are cleaned.

Achieving your goals is a process, not an end point

Achieving your goals is a journey, not an end point.

Many people feel great weight on their shoulders when they speak of their goals. Don’t feel overwhelmed – achieving our goals is a process. Our minds and bodies require time to adapt during the process. Sleeping enough helps us to regulate negative energy. Being kind to ourselves when we err helps us persevere along the way. Whatever your goal may be in the year of 2019, Sendhelper wishes you all the best for the new year!

Dress sustainably this December!

Dress sustainably this December!

Did you know that ‘Deco’ in December actually meant the tenth month in the calendar proposed by Julius Caesar? It was a reminder to people that what is sewn is reaped. However, we currently follow the Gregorian calendar with 12 months now. December today is an emblem of resolutions and new starts. It is no wonder that across the globe, December is a month of crazy celebrations and festivities!

According to Straits Times, the month of December is the hottest period for couples to get married! You’re happy for your loved ones enjoying the big day of their lives. While you’re happy for the couple, the process of dressing up for your loved ones’ special days is also a fun one as you can wear clothes you normally don’t wear. Furthermore, your friends’ wedding can also be a good reason for you to update your wardrobe.

For those who are on bridesmaid or groomsman duties, the outfits were often designed for us to wear on that special day. The long chiffon dress which you wore for the special occasion is usually inappropriate for daily wear or office wear. The same applies with the suits worn as that might come off as overdressed for the average day. Such a conundrum is not exclusive to post-weddings; it also happens with themed parties or other formal functions that are organised more in the month of December. Remembering that our clothing consumption is one of the largest contribution to environmental pollution. Here are some things you can do with your outfits to reduce your carbon footprint.

Alter the clothes to suit your daily needs

Males tend to be more fortunate in this aspect as different parts of the suit can be worn in different work settings. However, this is not necessarily the case for dresses or long gowns. For ladies, before throwing your gowns into the laundry, perhaps you can have them altered to fit your daily needs better. Discuss with the seamstress or tailor how they can upcycle your evening wear to one which is more functional for daily wear. Furthermore, the material used to craft these gowns are usually of higher quality than the material used in fast fashion items. This means that your new dress will last through more laundry cycles than the usual store bought dresses meant for daily wear.

Allow the professionals to help you maintain your outfits

Dropping a few hundred aplomb all the time can burn quite a hole in your pocket. These outfits you wear to weddings often have special stitch work or more luxurious materials such as satin and silk, which require extra care to maintain. Such materials or stitch work often require dry cleaning services or professional laundry services to help maintain. After that, you can layer these clothing articles to create a different look for the next event can save you a considerable sum of money.  Available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, Sendhelper is a platform on which you can book all laundry services in Singapore you need at the tip of your fingers. Catered to your budget and preferred timings, you can book dry cleaning and laundry services on our app now!

Clothing swaps and donations to thrift stores

However, if you really decide that you have too much clothes in your closet after these festivities and clearing out your house, why not donate them? You can even organise a party between you and your loved ones to swap clothes. This way, you and your friends would have an updated wardrobe at a low financial and environmental cost. Throw your friends’ clothes into the laundry and they would be good as new! As for the clothes which no one around you want, you might want to donate them to thrift stores like Salvation Army and New2U.

These tips are not exclusive to just the month of December, neither are they exhaustive. There are many other ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint in this month of festivities. So have fun with your parties and leave the maintenance of your clothing to laundry professionals!

A Guide to determine how often you should wash clothes

Washing machines need instructions but deciding when to wash your clothes needn’t. More often than not, we go by the rule of thumb: if the smell is too strong to stand, the cloth deserves a wash. Being said that, we all have wondered what would be a reasonable number of times to wear clothes before it goes to the laundry master. Here is a quick guide explaining how often you should wash different articles of clothing; only the most popular are featured here.

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