Clean homes lead to lower stress levels

The year just started! This often goes hand in hand with spring cleaning. Cleaning has spillover benefits into different parts of our lives. This 2019, consider the long-term impact and intrinsic motivators to cleaning your house. Here are some tips to help you persist through the process of cleaning.

Clearly define your needs and priorities

Some contend that the state of our house is the reflection of our inner beings. Research has found that physical clutter adds to your stress. However, this need not be the case.  When people clear their homes, they often jump straight into throwing things out based on what they feel. This works if what you’re cleaning happens to be in small amounts. However, quite a few of us are guilty of accumulating piles to the extent of hoarding and cluttering our homes.

Set the parameters straight

Define guidelines for yourself on how you should categorise your belongings first. Your priorities and goals should direct what you want in both your life and your homes. Many tend to give up on cleaning after feeling overwhelmed by the clutter. These questions, however, can mitigate these sources of anxiety when it comes to cleaning:

  1. What are quantifiable goals you would like to set for yourself and your family?
  2. What are your top 10 list of priorities as an individual and a family?
  3. How can your house be structured to meet these priorities and needs at all times?
  4. What are things in your house which don’t support these goals?

These may sound like very obvious questions. However, many of us have piles of items stored for years in our homes which may never be used at all. It is important to be able to define our needs and wants. This is not exclusive to just the aesthetics of our homes. It also improves our overall well-being too. 

Clean living room
Who doesn’t love a nice clean living room to come home to?

You don’t need most of it

The truth is, we probably don’t need most of the items we have. Remember the outfits bought during sale but never worn? Or the lamp bought a while back because it was fancy? These are just a few examples of many things we don’t need. Faced with the stress from work or school, spending money has become means of therapy. Unfortunately, this adds to the stress in the long term. It makes it difficult for cleaning tools to move around the house. This may make us feel that cleaning is a challenging process when it doesn’t have to be!

Another issue with clearing our old items is the nostalgia attached to it. Items which remind us of relationships which we once shared leaves us in a state of standstill. Decluttering can at times help us move on too.

Engage help to clear the clutter

Cluttered spaces are often hosting spaces for pests such as cockroaches and termites. The accumulated moisture in corners are also conducive for mould to fester in. You may want to hire professional cleaning services to help you clear this. This is because professional expertise in these matters would present a higher chance of your home being restored to its original state!

There are also several cleaning services which are available in Singapore to help you with clearing old items and with issues of pests and mould. With a variety of cleaning services ranging from specialised deep cleaning to regular home cleaning and part-time helpers who help you with simple cleaning tasks, Sendhelper caters to your budget and cleaning needs. Available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, you can book whichever cleaning service you need right now and have your home cleaned as quickly as the next day!

Dress sustainably this December!

Dress sustainably this December!

Did you know that ‘Deco’ in December actually meant the tenth month in the calendar proposed by Julius Caesar? It was a reminder to people that what is sewn is reaped. However, we currently follow the Gregorian calendar with 12 months now. December today is an emblem of resolutions and new starts. It is no wonder that across the globe, December is a month of crazy celebrations and festivities!

According to Straits Times, the month of December is the hottest period for couples to get married! You’re happy for your loved ones enjoying the big day of their lives. While you’re happy for the couple, the process of dressing up for your loved ones’ special days is also a fun one as you can wear clothes you normally don’t wear. Furthermore, your friends’ wedding can also be a good reason for you to update your wardrobe.

For those who are on bridesmaid or groomsman duties, the outfits were often designed for us to wear on that special day. The long chiffon dress which you wore for the special occasion is usually inappropriate for daily wear or office wear. The same applies with the suits worn as that might come off as overdressed for the average day. Such a conundrum is not exclusive to post-weddings; it also happens with themed parties or other formal functions that are organised more in the month of December. Remembering that our clothing consumption is one of the largest contribution to environmental pollution. Here are some things you can do with your outfits to reduce your carbon footprint.

Alter the clothes to suit your daily needs

Males tend to be more fortunate in this aspect as different parts of the suit can be worn in different work settings. However, this is not necessarily the case for dresses or long gowns. For ladies, before throwing your gowns into the laundry, perhaps you can have them altered to fit your daily needs better. Discuss with the seamstress or tailor how they can upcycle your evening wear to one which is more functional for daily wear. Furthermore, the material used to craft these gowns are usually of higher quality than the material used in fast fashion items. This means that your new dress will last through more laundry cycles than the usual store bought dresses meant for daily wear.

Allow the professionals to help you maintain your outfits

Dropping a few hundred aplomb all the time can burn quite a hole in your pocket. These outfits you wear to weddings often have special stitch work or more luxurious materials such as satin and silk, which require extra care to maintain. Such materials or stitch work often require dry cleaning services or professional laundry services to help maintain. After that, you can layer these clothing articles to create a different look for the next event can save you a considerable sum of money.  Available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, Sendhelper is a platform on which you can book all laundry services in Singapore you need at the tip of your fingers. Catered to your budget and preferred timings, you can book dry cleaning and laundry services on our app now!

Clothing swaps and donations to thrift stores

However, if you really decide that you have too much clothes in your closet after these festivities and clearing out your house, why not donate them? You can even organise a party between you and your loved ones to swap clothes. This way, you and your friends would have an updated wardrobe at a low financial and environmental cost. Throw your friends’ clothes into the laundry and they would be good as new! As for the clothes which no one around you want, you might want to donate them to thrift stores like Salvation Army and New2U.

These tips are not exclusive to just the month of December, neither are they exhaustive. There are many other ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint in this month of festivities. So have fun with your parties and leave the maintenance of your clothing to laundry professionals!