10 interesting facts about IKEA


  • Origins of the name IKEA

Many customers often ponder over the pronunciation of IKEA and its meaning. IKEA is the initials of Ingvar Kamprad , the founder, Elmtaryd, the farm which Ingvar grew up in and Aggunaryd, the village nearby.

  • Its affluent founder was a frugal man

Despite being one of the riches people on earth when he was alive, Ingvar Kamprad still maintained a humble lifestyle. Unlike his peers, Kamprad continued to fly economy around the world to pay visits to new stores while staying in inexpensive overseas accommodation. He was also known to replace bottles in IKEA’s minibars with cheaper bottles bought locally .

  • IKEA manufactures 3 million BILLY bookcases each year

The BILLY book shelf first made its debut in 1978 and has since permeated approximately 60 million homes.  The versatility of the book shelf and its affordability made the Billy a hit across the globe. Ikea sells a BILLY bookshelf every 10 seconds. The bookshelf is so commonly found in different households across the globe that Bloomberg uses it as an index to measure purchasing power in countries worldwide.

  • Meatballs were part of IKEA’s marketing

Hungry customers meant that the customers would have less patience for the process of choosing furniture.  Kamprad realised that the reason why many customers left the shop without buying anything was because they were hungry. In 1960, he opened the first restaurant in an Ikea shop and the rest is well known history

  • Horse meat was once found in the meatballs

IKEA meatballs had traces of horse meat.  The company recalled its meatballs in 2013 after test results reflected DNA of horse meat. This incident was thought to be a part of a larger issue of contamination linked to shady suppliers and affected most large brands in Europe.

  • The founder’s dyslexic condition gave rise to the names of IKEA’s goods

Kamprad was dyslexic and had trouble identifying products by numbers. As such, IKEA’s home goods are labelled by mostly one-word names of Scandinavian origins rather than product codes. Not only did it help Kamprad, it also helped the brand to further appeal to its customers.

  • Competitors’ pressure for suppliers to boycott IKEA resulted in their popular flat packaging

According to IKEA, exploring the concept of flat packaging began when one of the first IKEA employee removed the legs of one of their tables . This was to ensure that it could be packed into a car and potential damage during a car ride was avoided. In addition to IKEA’s desire to be more environmentally sustainable, flat packing was a means in which more IKEA products could be shipped from the supplier at once.

  • IKEA constructed an apartment on a rock-climbing wall

In 2016, known for its exuberant ad campaigns, IKEA built a vertical apartment layout on top of a climbing wall . This was to celebrate the opening of the 30th IKEA store in France. The public was welcomed to climb the prop with the help of safety harnesses.

  • Build your furniture, build your relationship .

Seeing bickering couples in IKEA inspired Dr. Durvasula, a professor of psychology at California State University Los Angeles to use building IKEA furniture as a means of couple therapy. Building a piece of furniture together allowed couples to understand the dynamics of their relationship better.

  • No words , less cost

There are no words in the IKEA instruction manual. In their place, “ assembly figures” teach consumers how to assemble the furniture together. The simplicity of these infographics teaching IKEA consumers how to construct their furniture has gained these cartoons popularity worldwide. However, the actual reason behind not printing information in words is because the manuals would be thicker, making it costlier to print. However, what the lack of words spell for most customers is a hard-to-assemble furniture.

If you’re struggling with assembling your furniture pieces, fret not. With platforms like Sendhelper you can book a variety of handyman services in Singapore, at your preferred time slots and reasonable prices. You can use the Sendhelper app on iOS Store or Google Play Store to book handyman such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians and home repair personal as quickly as the same day or following day to help you assemble your furniture and fittings!

The ultimate checklist for throwing an amazing party for your child


Planning a party has never been easy. In Singapore, some parents fork out 5 figures sum to give their children a once in a lifetime experience. After all, the child is that age only once in their lifetime. However, it need not be that way! You can plan your child’s party on your own and it is easier than what you think!

Don’t worry

We often want our guests to have the best experiences and often stress ourselves out in the process. Don’t. Doing so takes the enjoyment out of the process of planning, which can be shown through the little details of the party. 

Let your inner child speak

It has been a long while since we were kids but the child within us has always been there. Setting a theme for your child’s birthday party is fun. Take note of your child’s favourite cartoons or interests and fix a theme around it. If they are 4 and above, it might be good to engage their input in the planning process. After that, let the child in you out – allow your imagination to run free as you plan the magical day for your child. Connecting with your child through this process is a good bonding activity and can be a good way of instilling good financial stewardship habits in them.

Send the invites and organise the RSVPs

When you are done with deciding the theme of the party, create the invitation cards. It is preferable to organise the RSVP list 3 weeks before the event. This is to buffer enough time for you to make changes to cater to your guests’ needs. Nothing gets better than happy guests leaving your party – after all, you want the party to be a memorable day for both your child and your guests.

Settle the menu

After you have the RSVP list and the list of dietary needs, decide on which cuisine you will like to have. For those who feel stressed to cook for a huge crowd but are not down to cater food, you can use apps like Sendhelper to find cooks for hire. Affordable and fuss free, you can choose a private chef for hire with just a few swipes. Whether it’s a BBQ chef you need or a chef who specialises in the cuisine that you want to hire, the platform eases the process of looking for a chef to hire.

DIY décor

Start small by visualising how you would like the room to look like. Purchase your party supplies from a local supply store. While balloons may make a great décor, rubber balloons are usually not children friendly.  This is because children may not have control over their own strength and may burst the balloon. When this happens, the noise of a balloon bursting will trigger a child into tears. This may in turn result in a chain response of tears which is exactly what you will want to avoid. When you set up the décor, always find helpers to be at the party. Doing the décor with a group of party helpers not only relieves you of your stress, having a team also helps you to vet through for potential safety hazards.

Have fun at the party

The party may be for your child but who says adults can’t have fun too? When you enjoy little moments with your young ones and create good memories with them, they too learn how to have fun . It is through fun which your children can know you in another light . These memories influence them consciously and subconsciously. So go ahead, show them that mommy and daddy can have fun and will have fun with them!


Your phone can now fix your plumbing too!


Benjamin Franklin once said ‘A small leak will sink a great ship.’. Although most of us do not live on ships, a small leak in our homes might ‘sink’ our bills. A small leak in our faucets can amount to the wastage of 340 litres of water daily. In addition to the rise in water prices here in Singapore, all the more do we need to save water on a day to day basis! Here are some ways in which we can avoid ‘sinking’ our utility bills.

  • Reducing water pressure while showering

You read it right.  Most pipes are made with a threshold for certain ranges of water pressure changes. While showering with high water pressures might feel good, it may not be good for the state of your pipes. This is because excessive water pressures can damage and cause leaks in your pipes. Not only do you prolong the lifespan of your pipes as when you reduce water pressure during showers, you also reduce the amount of water used during showers, which in turn lowers your utility bills!

  • Check for Pipe Damages

In addition to point 1, excess water pressure may result in fixture cracks. When this happens, you will notice leaking pipe or in general, leaking of water. Fixture cracks may happen out of sight, under our sinks. When there are sounds of water dripping in the toilet regularly occurring, it is likely that there are fixture cracks in the pipes which you can’t see. Additionally, hot temperatures and high water pressures strains pipe joints. When you hear banging or clanking sounds while showering, especially when you are taking a hot shower, this is a sign of pipe joint issues. It is also important to conduct water heater repair if its performance or reliability reduces with time.

Furthermore, nothing lasts forever. If your pipes have been laid 20-30 years ago, the likelihood of it facing corrosion issues is high. This is because the materials used to make pipes then are of lower quality than materials used to construct pipes today. Hence older pipes are more susceptible to corrosion than those of today.

In such circumstances, call a plumber to examine your pipes and repair any damages before it gets out of hand. Sendhelper is a great place to book and purchase a variety of plumber services in Singapore suitable to your needs and budget. You can use the Sendhelper app on iOS App Store or Google Play Store to book and confirm plumbing services as quickly as the same day or following day of the booking to treat your pipe damages immediately! You can also get 24 hour plumbers in case of emergency.

  • Treat your Clogs

The lump of hair. Perhaps children’s toy parts from entertaining them in the shower. There are more causes to a clog than these. By clearing the shower drainage every day after showers, you can prevent such clogs from happening. However, when you realise that the water takes a longer time to drain or has stopped flowing through altogether, it is about time you call for plumbing services for a drain cleaner. This is because the aforementioned will eventually cause pipes beneath to leak, which wastes water.

The aforementioned are ways in which we can prevent water wastage by being diligent about the conditions of our water pipes. Of course, there are other ways in which we can prevent and decrease water wastage. Most importantly, we have to be diligent about the little things in the toilet and rectify issues as soon as we notice them.


Aircons are 1/4th of your energy bills and its killing the world!


According to a report by Straits Times, it was noted that Singaporean household energy consumption has increased by 17% over the past decade. This trend is caused by our usage of air-conditioning, which contributes to 24% of the average household’s electricity consumption. Air conditioning has become an essential part of our lives in Singapore. Many of us work and sleep better in cooler temperatures, so phasing out air conditioning from our daily lives is impractical. The only viable option available to us in such tropical regions is to ensure that we take steps to reduce our energy consumption on air conditioning units. Such energy consumption is directly linked to the efficiency of the air conditioning units.

When we use our aircon, the air conditioning unit tends to accumulate particles in the air, namely dust and dirt. This accumulation of dirt and dust, obstructs air flow. This reduces the system’s efficiency substantially. If not rectified, the filter may carry dirt particles into the evaporator coil, which adversely affects the heat-absorbing capabilities of the coil. Thus, after a few years, your air conditioner substantially loses efficiency. In fact, not servicing your air conditioners regularly causes it to lose 5% of its efficiency each year!

This results in the aircon unit consuming more energy, which we all know contributes to climate change adversely. Collectively, the energy wasted means that more electricity has to be produced. Electricity generation plants end up burning more fossil fuels to meet this increased demand for electricity. In addition to this, aircons release tons of greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. It is a vicious cycle – the increased usage of air conditioning feeds the increase in global temperature, which feeds the need for the former.

Having our air con maintenance done regularly will help reduce our energy consumption.

With regular servicing of your aircon, the once inefficient aircon is able to return to 95% of its original efficiency. The clean aircon unit no longer needs to consume as much electricity as before to provide the cool home which you enjoy. This also reduces your carbon footprint!

Professionals advise that although you may not think that your aircon is malfunctioning, it should at least be serviced and inspected four times a year. Having a specialist inspect your aircon unit to conduct aircon cleaning and aircon chemical wash may help to bring issues to light which can be nipped at the bud. Regularly carrying out aircon maintenance not only helps to keep the aircon functions in their best state, but also prevents situations where small issues could magnify and become costlier to repair at a later stage. Furthermore, servicing your aircon unit regularly can increase its efficiency by up to 15%.

If you have not been regularly servicing your aircon, delay no more! With platforms such as Sendhelper, you can conveniently have a variety of aircon repair & maintenance services in Singapore at an affordable price! Easy to use, you can download the Sendhelper app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store to book aircon services that you need today!


4 Tips for lowering your utility bills!


In Singapore, electricity tariffs and water prices have risen this quarter. Fret not! Your utility bills need not rise along with tariffs and price hikes. Here are 4 suggested measures in which you can manage your electricity and water usage more efficiently.

  • Check for running toilets

The most prevalent reason for a high water bill is water running in your toilets. The trickling of the flush might not sound like a large amount of water flow but it can waste up to 758 litres of water or more daily. Not only does this add to your water utilities bill, it also environmentally unfriendly. Some people try to fix their toilet flushes on their own. However, this is a case which calls for a specialist. Hence, it is advisable to engage plumbing services to rectify the problem in such situations as trying to fix the default on your own might aggravate the issue.

  • Install a water meter

According to an article by Independent, having a water meter installed at home helps consumers to save money. In a home which does not have a water meter, the bill is based on the rateable value. This does not account for the water used. Those who use a lot of water and those who use less water are charged the same amount. However, when a water meter is installed, users are better informed of their actual consumption habits. This allows them to adjust their water consumption accordingly to minimise their water bills.

  • Repair faulty electrical wiring

Does your home’s circuit breaker trip multiple times in a month? Ever smelled an odd burnt odour in your house? Or has a wall outlet at home ever felt warm? These are signs of faulty wiring. The additional heat shows that extra electricity is consumed to produce heat on top of powering your devices. Essentially, electricity is not efficiently used.

Frayed or damaged wiring are more common but not limited to old houses. Having a pet also increases the probability of your wiring being damaged as some pets do chew on wires. Such cases require a licensed electrician to fix the wires as exposed wires are dangerous to handle on our own. Engaging a handyman in Singapore to repair faulty wiring minimises safety hazards. Moreover, the electrician will also be able to spot additional potential electrical hazards if there are any.

  • Switch to energy efficient electrical appliances

In 2014, National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) rolled out a new rating to help consumers better identify energy efficient products. Appliances with rated 5 ticks consume less energy. Check the rating of your household appliances and see if they fall within the range of 5 ticks. Refrigerators, televisions and clothes dryers consume a huge proportion of your household’s electricity. While it may be costly to change these appliances in the short run, switching these appliances with more energy efficient ones would help you save cost in the long run. 

Affordable and quick, Sendhelper helps to match consumers with a variety of handyman services in Singapore according to their preferred price points and needs. You can use the Sendhelper app on iOS App Store or Google Play Store to book and confirm handyman services as quickly as the same day or following day of the booking!


quality clothes _4

According to Wall Street Journal, the average person only wears 20% of the clothes in their closet. Yet shopping for clothes still remain an enjoyable process for many.  The idea of being able to enjoy a new look at a low price sounds great. This is the motivation for many consumers to choose purchasing cheaper clothes instead of quality clothes. However, purchasing cheap clothes are more expensive than purchasing quality clothes of higher prices.

At this point, you might be thinking ‘What?! How can it be more expensive to buy cheap clothes?’, that the disparity in prices have already been expressed on the price tags. Let’s look at why buying quality clothes are easier on the pocket.

  • The lifespans of fast fashion clothes in your closet are substantially shorter than those of quality clothes

Let’s say that you’re searching for a shirt for work. A working shirt at a fast fashion store might cost you $40. Assuming that you wear them for an interview, the cost of wearing the shirt would be $50. If you wear it 5 times, it would be $10. However, because of the thread work, lint balls and pilling may begin to form on the shirt.  This is because fast fashion clothes are made of 100% low-grade cotton which wear and tear easily. Each time the shirt wears out, you will have to replace it. Such incidences might happen 3-4 times a year.

However, let’s say that you invest in a quality dress shirt of higher price range. For example, this shirt might set you back at $100 when you purchase it. It may cost twice the price of the former initially. With the right laundry services, this shirt can be worn many times over the years without having to be replaced. These shirts might require dry cleaning, which often sounds costly. However, with platforms such as Sendhelper, you can laundry services at your doorstep are available in Singapore at an affordable rate. Quality laundry services helps you to maintain the quality of your clothes throughout the years. In comparison to replacing shirts a few times a year and replacing a shirt once every few years, the latter option is cheaper than the former. Furthermore, if you wear this shirt more than 16 times a year, the cost of wearing the shirt would be way below $10.

  • Fast fashion warps your notion of value

Though we all enjoy discounts and savings, the rise of fast fashion causes us to expect that the prices of our clothing cost close to nothing. Yet this cost is allocated elsewhere. According to Independent , ‘ pressure to reduce cost and the time it takes a product from design to shop floor means that environmental corners are more likely to be cut.’ . Not only does the hastened process of producing fast fashion clothing causes more damage to the environment, the clothes produced are of lesser quality. We end up compromising the quality of our environment because of some cost savings.

  • You will grow accustomed to the low quality of fast fashion clothes

As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for ‘. Nothing more true than these words can be used to describe fast fashion clothes. The cheap price paid for these clothes means not only are your clothes made of cheap fabrics, the workmanship of these clothes are likely to be of low quality too. It is a common sight for fast fashion clothes to have defects such as small holes or running thread noticed after purchase. Due to the low cost of these purchases, consumers are less likely to feel bothered by the idea of throwing these defective purchases away as they don’t cost much. With our lowered expectations towards the quality of clothes, we grow accustomed to low quality fast fashion clothes. The act of throwing away clothes before wearing them repeats itself frequently. What we should take note of is that while these clothes may be cheap, throwing these new clothes away is also throwing hard earned money away. While we may not feel the pinch at the moment of discarding the defective piece, it is a substantial amount when we add all the costs of throwing different defective pieces away. When all these costs are added together, the amount spent on fast fashion is higher than the amount spent of quality clothes and the laundry services required for maintenance.

Finding clothes which fit and maintaining them through time is a challenge. However, a variety of services such as clothing subscription services and laundry services are available in Singapore to answer these needs. The key is to finding which of these services suit your needs best. 



Looking back at the whole week, have you ever felt that you could do more? Or perhaps, things could be done better? A report could be written better. Perhaps more time could be spent with family. If these situations sound vaguely familiar, rest assured you’re not alone. With these few tips on being more productive, these worries can be a thing of the past.

  • Have a to-do list

Research has found that writing to-do lists helps us to sleep better. Amidst our busy lifestyles, 101 tasks fight for our attention. Just looking at them raises our stress levels. By writing our to-do lists, we are breaking down our mountains into small and manageable steps. When we write down what is to be done and tick each task off, the load on our shoulders are minimised. With a clearer mind and less anxiety, of course we would attain better sleep!

  • Do not multi- task

Living in 24/7 culture and having long lists of to-dos does overwhelm us. The many tasks to be done may make multi-tasking a tempting solution. Don’t. Not only are we unable to focus, the quality of our tasks done are also compromised. In some situations, work has to be done again because of the lacking quality, which wastes our time and adds unnecessary stress.

  • Listen to music

Listening to our favourite jams before getting our tasks done sets our mood right. The good mood from listening to our favourite music creates a positive frame of mind. This allows us to make sharper decisions, completing our tasks in a shorter span of time.

  • Keep your home environment organised

In a study done by Princeton University, it was found that mothers who had to deal with clutter were found to have higher levels of stress than their peers. Home is a place of rest and it should remain as such. Keeping our home environments organised creates a feeling of space and freedom. This allows us to relax better as opposed to a cluttered environment. Using home cleaning services in Singapore is an effortless way to achieve this. You can book part time cleaners with a single tap on the Sendhelper App which is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

The ways to increase productivity in our lives are not limited to the aforementioned tips. Several productivity tools are available in the market today as well. Some products and strategies may suit us better than others. The key is to keep trying to find what works best for us.

We are looking for a front-end developer!


About us

Founded in 2015, Sendhelper’s mobile-first, on-demand platforms connect service providers and jobseekers with consumers and employers. The company is currently focused on using gamification, machine learning and blockchain technologies to create a network- based platforms aimed at organising the blue-collar labour market and eliminating frictional unemployment. Sendhelper is headquartered in Singapore and has teams located in 4 countries across the region.


What you will do

At Sendhelper, we are looking for a React Native developer to join our expanding team. We need someone who is proactive and ready to contribute from day one. As the React Native developer , you will play an important role in creating new features and enhancing existing features to improve customer’s experience.


Who you are

  • A graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Familiar with RESTful APIs to connect to back-end services
  • Possess a strong knowledge of UI design principles, patterns, and best practices
  • Knowledgeable about the React Native ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks.
  • Familiar with the use of other libraries
  • Have hands on experience with Maps ( e.g. Google Map, etc)
  • Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications
  • Possess an understanding of iOS and Android user interface guidelines
  • Possess a proficient understanding of code versioning tools , such as Git , SVN
  • Able to propose new ideas for continuous improvement of products and development processes
  • Familiar with continuous integration and Unite Testing
  • Have experience in at least one of the Native App Development Frameworks (swift, Objective-C, Java)


It is a plus if you:

  • Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering


Interested? Drop us an email with your resume attached at  team@sendhelper.com






Food – a topic discussed about at least once a day for most. All of us have to eat to survive. Yet amidst the hectic pace of life, some skip meals or some eat too unhealthily. However, given the increased hype in nutritious and healthy food today, most prefer to eat home- cooked food but are unable to regularly eat it due to time constraints from packed schedules. In a response to this demand, the idea of on-demand cooking services has been conceived.

If you enjoy cooking, here are some reasons why you should try providing on-demand cooking services:

  • Earn extra income through your passion

In this situation, you can have your cake and eat it. Unlike having to cook hundreds of portions the way chefs have to, the number of portions needed for on-demand cooking services are often no more than 4-5. When you are cooking for your client, you do not feel the stress and the heat of an intensively used restaurant kitchen. What’s better than to get paid for doing what you enjoy?

  • Improves your creativity

When we cook for our own family, our growths as cooks are limited by the palates of our loved ones. Having to cook for a separate set of palates evokes means that cooking the same dishes is done differently. This requires the cook to flex their creativity to ensure that taste is not compromised. 

  • Boosts self confidence

When one sees through the final stages of cooking before dishes are served, there is a surge in pride for work well done! Finally done! The utter satisfaction in oneself after having cooked a meal pleases the soul and boosts your self – confidence.

It’s time to start cooking! As cooking ingredients and tools are provided, all we need is your talent and expertise! Sign up with Sendhelper as an on-demand cooking service provider on our website now!


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