5 ways to freshen up bathroom

5 Ways to Freshen up Your Bathroom

You probably spend hours making your home look good. Spare a thought the smallest room in your home – the bathroom. It costs you a fraction compared to your homes makeover, but you will fall in love with it once it is complete. It will also not take you more than a day to arrange make-over items. In most cases, you can do it yourselves, but in some cases if the cleaning is not done for prolonged period of time, you may need a professional help though.  So let’s begin!

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5 home hygiene myths busted

5 Home Hygiene Myths Busted

We spend close to half of our lives in our homes. Our home is our bastion that not only protects us from the elements, but also helps us live some of our most cherished moments. It is imperative that we focus on maintaining our home hygiene at the best possible level. Stop doing the injustice to yourselves and leave the age old fashioned methods of home cleaning. Here are some of the age old home hygiene myths that we are ready to debunk today!
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Spring Cleaning is Fun! Even your Kids Can Help

Come Spring, you feel a lot refreshed as you feel warm and comfortable. Believe it, it’s the perfect time to set your home with a unique order. Just make a fresh beginning. This would put a smile on your face. You would realize that it’s high time to arrange your closets and completely clean the corners that you have left unattended for a long time. Once you make your mind on cleaning, hire professional cleaning services to help you out and make sure that every corner of your house would don a fabulous look.

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Is Hiring a Personal Chef Expensive?

Is this a week-end? It could even be a holiday. The days in the week might have left you tired. When you think of cooking, you might not have the slightest inclination to cook. You need not worry about this. Just keep on idling in the week-end and invite your friends for a fabulous party. Just forget the hassle of cooking after booking an appointment with a personal chef service. This is good news that the friendly services are at your doorsteps with unique cleaning as well as cooking services.

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6 Perks of Hiring a Part-Time Maid in Singapore

When you worry about your innumerable household chores, the idea of hiring a personal maid seems like a distant dream. You heave a sigh, when you think about its exorbitant cost. So the idea of hiring a part-time maid is not a feasible idea for you. The other side of the coin is you keep worrying about the proper cleaning of dishes and every corner of your house. Once you hire the part-time maid service, it would certainly help to bring home the truth that personal home cleaning service would definitely outweigh the high cost factor, which has so far held you back from taking the advantage of it. The part-time maid would always make sure that your house remains completely clean round-the-clock in a day without giving you any hassle of further cleaning.

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Eight Common Laundry Mistakes You Might Not Know You Are Making

8 Common Laundry Mistakes You Might Not Know You Are Making

Many of us routinely do laundry without giving it a thought. After all it is not rocket science- put in clothes into the washing machine, add some detergent and switch it on.

But you could actually be making mistakes that lessen the efficacy of the machine, reduce its life and damage the clothes.  You of course always have the choice to instead hand over the responsibility of your laundry to home laundry company in Singapore who will handle it with every care it deserves.

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Four Easy Ways To Keep Your Apart Clean Without Hassle

4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Apartment Clean Without Hassle

A clean house is an essential requirement for maintaining a sense of well-being. An organized and fresh looking apartment reduces stress and encourages a feeling of peace. But it takes time and effort to ensure a clean apartment and many struggles in achieving this.

The reasons are many – busy work schedules, low energy from stressful days, long commutes that eat away into your time, making it impossible to clean. Thankfully there are solutions today that can help you in this dilemma. Home cleaning and home laundry service in Singapore are a boon for people who are hard pressed for time. These cleaning services are convenient and efficient, and most importantly free up your time to do more important things in life.

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