How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen

September 1, 2016

The most likely place to carry the maximum stains in your home is your kitchen. But, surprisingly, cleaning kitchen is also the easiest. So follow some simple tools and get the sparkle back in your kitchen.

Tip 1: Remove stains from the kitchen platform: Hydrogen peroxide is the easiest cleaner available to remove stains of tea/coffee or juice any other such beverage from your stone platform. Simply add some Hydrogen Peroxide to water and see the stain vanishing with a simple buff. However, if the stains are tough then trusted professional help may be needed to bring back the gloss

Tip 2: Make your tiles sparkle: The tiles of the kitchen face the maximum brunt from stains. While cleaning kitchen, bring back the sparkle in the tiles by cleaning them with mixture of baking soda and water. Mix half a cup baking soda with 2 litres water and mix them well. Scrub the tiles with this water and see the sparkle back in minutes. For wooden floor, scrub with a mixture of vinegar and water (1:9). In most cases, this should help, but anything tougher will call for the best professional help to bring back the gloss.

Tip 3: Clean your walls: Generally, walls have two types of stains – Oil stains and water stains. For oil stains occurring due to frying or cooking grease, make a mixture of mild dishwasher liquid and water. With a clean cloth rinse the walls with this mixture. Just wipe them clean and get see the change. For water stains like ketchup etc, take a wet cloth or paper towel and simply wipe it clean. If neither helps, it is time to call a professional help to get your clean walls back.

Tip 4: Make the china clean: After prolonged use, your china gets stained, particularly at the bottom. To remove stains, gently scrub with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and salt.

Tip 5: Clean stains and smells in blender: After using a blender if it is not rinsed and cleaned, the blender will smell badly. So, the moment you are done with the blender job, empty all the contents, fill it up with water, and add a few drops of dishwasher and run it for about 20 seconds or so. The smell and stains, both will disappear.

Tip 6: Cleaning the kitchen sink: Among the few things that should look sparkling is the kitchen sink. However, as it is exposed to water almost in every use, it loses its shine to the calcium deposits from water. To make the kitchen sink shine again, simply scrub it with undiluted vinegar for lighter stains. Heavy stains will call for an experienced professional help, call for the best cleaning services for good care.

They say ‘What you are is what you eat,’ and healthy food comes from health kitchen. Follow these simple tips and see the smile back on your family’s faces.

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