How to Choose Bathroom Fittings and Accessories for Your Home

October 26, 2022

Don’t you think that bathrooms and kitchens of our homes take the most priority when we think about remodelling our homes? Having the right fittings can make a bathroom more functional, especially when those fittings are easy to maintain too. Therefore you should know how to choose bathroom fittings that suit your lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing from what is available, you might have so many choices. For instance, you might know that you like the rush of water from a rain shower, but you would think of getting a hand shower since it offers more flexibility. Similarly, you might like how a rounded knob looks on a door, but you would consider getting a flat lever as it has a good grip. From choosing to fitting these, it can sometimes become an overwhelming process when you take your budget and lifestyle into consideration. But don’t worry! Here’s how you can win at it. Read this simple guide to learn how to choose bathroom fittings and accessories for your home.

How to Choose Bathroom Fittings and Accessories

Taps and Washbasins 

There are countless models of wash taps you can select from home centres. A type of tap that is on the rise are motion sensor taps. You don’t have to scout around for selecting the taps- you can go for a model that matches the look, texture and colour of your wash basin. 

Washbasins can often be the centrepiece of the room since they are important sanitary fittings. Since the pandemic, most of us have stepped up on hygiene. Hence, looking for a wash basin that is pleasing to our eyes has been a priority for many. Some of the commonly available types of wash basins are wall-mounted, free-standing, semi-recessed, sit-in, countertop, and under-counter. If you are looking for a new washbasin during renovation, see whether it complements the style and theme of the wash area and bathroom. 

Countertop washbasins are commonly seen in households as they offer several stylish options. One thing you must keep in mind while wanting to get this type of basin while doing the renovation is that you would need ample space on the countertop. Take note of and think of any special constraints associated with it. Semi-recessed and wall-mounted basins are great choices if you have seniors and children at home since they can use the basin easily by standing close to it. Also, you would need to clean the awkward in-between spaces less frequently. 

Shower Sets 

The two types of shower set everyone usually considers fixing in their bathrooms are overhead showers and handheld showers.

Overhead shower:

Also known as the rain shower, these types of shower heads come with a sleek and modern look and can be a great addition to your bathroom. The most trending models come in round and square shapes, and they are admired for the bathing experience similar to getting drenched in rainfall.

Overhead showers offer a wide area of water flow over the body. If you are someone who prefers a quick bath all the time, these showers are for you! They cost more when compared to handheld showers for this reason, but these fittings are not flexible. So if you’re someone who prefers to wash your body and not your hair every day, this might not be the right choice. Think of it!

Handheld shower:

These types of shower heads are known for offering a better range of motion and flexibility while you take the shower. Just like we mentioned before, these shower heads can be adjusted towards where you’d like to have water on the body. Another advantage of handheld showers is that you can control the water pressure as you wish by adjusting the spray setting.

Shower Mixers

Now that you have a showerhead model on your mind, let’s go look for a shower mixer. Shower mixers are valves that draw water from hot and cold water supplies. Mixers combine the water and adjust the temperature of your bath. The number of mixers available in the market is too many. Here are some of the common ones.

Manual shower mixer:

This is the most commonly used type of shower mixture in many households. You can control this type of shower mixture using a single tap. They also have the benefit of being simple to install and easy to use when compared to other types of mixers available out there. Since you can control the heat and flow of water by a single tap, all you need to do is sway the valve to the temperature- hot or cold.

Thermostatic shower mixer:

This is quite an advanced type of shower mixer as it helps to regulate the temperature of the shower and keep it constant throughout your shower time. It can continue working like this even when someone else at your home is using water during this time. You can pre-set the temperature before you turn on the shower; the heat and flow of water are controlled separately.

Digital shower mixer:

This type of shower mixer regulates the temperature constantly to keep the settings of your key on a digital display. The display allows accurate control of the features of the mixture. Hence, it is very user-friendly.

Smart shower mixer:

Such a mixer has similarities with a digital shower mixer- you can access it remotely, and they are compatible with smartphones and other smart home devices as well. You can access smart shower mixers through mobile apps, which you can connect to through Bluetooth. They are expensive choices when compared to all other types of shower mixers, but it is a justifiable choice when we consider the number of showers one need to take because of the humidity and climate in Singapore.

Mixer Valves 

When it comes to mixer valves, there are two choices: exposed and concealed, and each comes with pros and cons. 

Exposed shower mixer valves:

The outer workings of the shower mixer are attached to the wall where we can see it. It is a more traditional style, which brings less disruption to your bathrooms during its installation. Easy installation also means quick set-up. They are also replaceable in the future.

Concealed shower mixer valves:

If you prefer space-saving in your bathrooms, concealed mixer valves are the best choice. Choosing to conceal the valves means hiding the inner workings behind the wall. Doing this will help enhance the look of your bathroom too. Concealed shower mixer valves are expensive when compared to the other type, and you may check with your contractor to see whether your building has any specific regulations for such an installation.

Other Essential Shower Accessories 

A shower set is never complete without the right accessories. They include a towel ring, robe hook, toilet paper holder, a soap dispenser, and a soap dish that comes with a holder. Shower accessories help complete the functionality of your bathroom by covering your shower needs. Another main accessory is a grip bar, which you can consider installing if you have seniors at home. Apart from knowing how to choose bathroom fittings and accessories, you should consider everyone else's preferences in the home.

Toilet Suites 

When it comes to toilet suits, two main types of commonly used styles are suites mounted on the floor and suites attached to the bathroom wall. You can decide on it after considering the piping system for your toilet. Toilets with S-trap pipes are connected to the floor whereas those with P-trap pipes are generally connected to the walls. You can also mount P-trap pipes on the floor by considering the design. 

What you should keep in mind before finalising your decision is that a wall-mounted toilet bowl would need additional cleaning of the floor below. So, if you don’t want to stress yourself with regular cleaning, go for a floor-mounted toilet bowl. Yet another crucial aspect you must look into is the flushing system. Certain technologies such as dual flushing washes the entire surface of the toilet to remove every stain. They come with two water ejection holes for good flushing performance, and that too while maintaining minimal usage of water. They are pricey because of all these features. 


For the next bathroom fitting, we don't want to forget to mention mirrors, which are a must for every bathroom. Keeping the style of your bathroom in mind is key to choosing a mirror. Frameless mirrors that have sharp edges bring in a contemporary feel- they are affordable too. Round mirrors with frames give more of a traditional look and stay as a statement feature in your bathroom. Pairing the right lighting is key to enhancing the look of your mirror. Certain mirrors have LED lighting as their feature, and it helps to give a very modern look to your space. 

Bathroom Maintenance Services in Singapore

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