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How kids can help you clean

June 10, 2015

Your home is in a complete mess and it’s high time you start cleaning things. But then, managing all alone seems a challenging endeavor. Why not ask your kids to accompany you in the cleaning spree! Following are a list of to-do jobs, where your kids may turn out to be a great helping hand.


Cleaning your Refrigerator

 Forgot the last time when you had cleaned your refrigerator? Tired of the stinking smell that’s coming out of it? Take up the cleaning task this weekend! While you remove the food products and wipe down the drawers and shelves, your kids can look for the expiration date on the food labels. They can throw off the expired ones and stock the good ones back to the refrigerator.

Cleaning the drawers and cabinets

 Your cabinets are stacked with old clothes and your drawers need a serious makeover. Discard the old clothes from the cabinets and clean the drawers. Your kids can help you in arranging their toys and keeping their belongings in the destined place. Ask them to throw away the stray batteries of their remote controlled cars, discard their broken toys and keep the ones, which are in good condition.

Dusting and Wiping

 While this is a routine task to do, often you don’t get the time to do a thorough clean up of your home. Use a mild cleaner to dust shelves carrying delicate items. Your kids can help in wiping window sills, door frames and walls.

Home cleaning can be less time consuming and more enjoying, if you have helping hands around. Moreover, this also helps your kids learn the simple-to-do household chores.

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