Five common household plumbing problems and solutions.

Common household plumbing problems and solutions.

Plumbing problems are common in households mostly due to improper installations, inferior equipment or aging of homes. A clogged drain, a dripping faucet, a leaking toilet etc. are reasons enough to spoil your peace of mind. If you have decided to live in a rented house, you might as well check for some of these common plumbing problems and find solutions before signing up the rental agreement so that you can save hundreds of dollars out of your pocket.

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Six laundry habits to make your life easier

Laundry habits to make your life easier. We recommend you to use Sendhelper professional laundry services to save your time.

Laundry habits may not necessarily be a topic of interest for many of us; but we do laundry at least once a week out of compulsion, and of course for reasons of  hygiene. Nobody likes doing laundry; you will not find someone tagging themselves as a ‘laundry enthusiast’ on their Instagram profile in real life!

Let’s be honest. Our plans for weekends largely revolve around the big laundry basket with clothes piled up in a corner of the bedroom. More often, laundry eats up most part of a Saturday or Sunday. That’s why we thought of sharing the best laundry habits you could incorporate to make make life easier.

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Spring clean your home now: Find out why and how.

Spring clean your home during lockdown times. Book deep cleaning services on Sendhelper app now.

As we mentioned in our previous article, we are slowly but surely getting back to our normal lives with easing up of Covid-19 restrictions. We had a different routine during the lockdown times. Working from home probably caused more agony as opposed to the general belief. While juggling work and household chores, we often put our chores to the back burner. Now that we are granted a new lease of life, it is a good time to spring clean your home to give it a refreshed look.

Why Spring Clean?

Locking up ourselves at home gave us a chance to look at our homes and realise how messed up our personal spaces have been. We need to rearrange furniture, change curtains, scrub surfaces, change bulbs; buy a new set of air fresheners and get some fresh flowers, to light up the mood. A fresh living space will reduce anxiety and give you peace of mind as well.

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Cleaning home after circuit breaker: Tasks to consider.

Cleaning home tips after circuit breaker in Singapore. Book professional cleaners on Sendhelper app.

Thinking of cleaning home now? As Singapore starts Phase 2 of re-opening on June 19, all of us are excited to venture out for a fresh breath of air.

From now on, we will see ourselves going out more often than before. It also seems like a boon we can visit our friends and family albeit in restricted numbers. Cleaning homes has become even more important during this period to keep ourselves and the community safe.

Cleaning during circuit breaker

During the circuit breaker, you have been cleaning your home without the availability of a professional cleaner. But it begs the question how clean your premises are without an expert cleaner whose services you are accustomed to.

Let’s look at the most important cleaning tasks you or your professional cleaning help need to perform at this stage:

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Pest Control Services: Get rid of mosquitoes.

Get rid of mosquitoes using professional pest control services from Sendhelper.

In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore has been grappling with another health crisis since March 2020 – dengue fever. According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), the cumulative number of dengue cases in Singapore this year is 9,837 as of June 6, 2020 as compared to 5,200 cases reported in 2019 around the same period. This is the highest number of cases reported since 2013, the largest outbreak year recorded in the country’s history. The authorities have called out for strict measures to get rid of mosquitoes and clear their breeding habitats.

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted by female Aedes mosquito. It is a flu-like condition affecting infants, young children, and adults.

Why does it spread so fast in Singapore?

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Laundry Practice: Tips to hand-wash delicate clothes.

Covid-19 pandemic has not only forced us to stay at home but also limited the availability of several conveniences we used to enjoy before. Whilst home cleaning, cooking and similar services were excluded from functioning, laundry services were deemed essential even during the circuit breaker period as part of strict measures imposed by the Singapore government to stop the spread of virus.

As we know it is best to keep distance from others and stay indoors for the greater good of our community. Here we share some tips to hand-wash your clothes at home instead of walking down the street to your nearest laundromat exposing yourself to the risk of contracting the virus.

Washing by hand is recommended for delicate clothes like lingerie, undergarments, sweaters, silk and lace material etc. Follow the steps below for an effective and clean hand washing cycle:

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A Guide to Aircon Servicing: 4 Ways to Extend AC Lifespan

We can’t imagine a life without air conditioners at home or office in Singapore where the average weather is hot, humid and often rather oppressive. We run air conditioners day and night to keep ourselves cool from the tropical climate. At once, buying an air conditioner is relatively a big investment decision for an average household, and therefore keeping it functioning properly for a longer period of time is the only means to gain an acceptable return on your investment.

Here we will discuss ways to extend the lifespan of your conditioner and run it as long as possible.

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3 Air Conditioner Issues That Require Immediate Fixing

As we are forced to stay in the comfort of our home for a greater cause during the circuit breaker period, our domestic energy consumption behaviour has changed in terms of shift in periods of usage. But it hasn’t reduced. Work from home arrangement demands uninterrupted use of electricity to run computers, air conditioners, lights etc. for longer hours than before.

The constant use of electrical appliances for prolonged periods may result in them malfunctioning if not well taken care of. The circuit breaker measures have exempted emergency fixes and repairs of appliances like air conditioners from general restrictions that apply to other non-essential services. In this article, you can learn about some of the common problems with air conditioners that need immediate attention and professional care.

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Hiring a cleaner in the time of Covid-19: What you need to know

After introducing ‘circuit breaker’ as a social distancing measure to stop further outbreak of coronavirus in the country, the Singapore government deemed home cleaning as a non-essential service. The announcement restricts professional cleaners from accessing customers’ homes. An exemption, though, was made for disinfection service which is permitted.

Health and hygiene experts recommend thorough and regular cleaning to keep homes safe from viruses and other germs. Unfortunately, interruption of cleaning services has added to the woes of customers who have been relying on professionals to clean their homes and keep from the hassle of domestic chores.

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