3 Air Conditioner Issues That Require Immediate Fixing

As we are forced to stay in the comfort of our home for a greater cause during the circuit breaker period, our domestic energy consumption behaviour has changed in terms of shift in periods of usage. But it hasn’t reduced. Work from home arrangement demands uninterrupted use of electricity to run computers, air conditioners, lights etc. for longer hours than before.

The constant use of electrical appliances for prolonged periods may result in them malfunctioning if not well taken care of. The circuit breaker measures have exempted emergency fixes and repairs of appliances like air conditioners from general restrictions that apply to other non-essential services. In this article, you can learn about some of the common problems with air conditioners that need immediate attention and professional care.

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Hiring a cleaner in the time of Covid-19: What you need to know

After introducing ‘circuit breaker’ as a social distancing measure to stop further outbreak of coronavirus in the country, the Singapore government deemed home cleaning as a non-essential service. The announcement restricts professional cleaners from accessing customers’ homes. An exemption, though, was made for disinfection service which is permitted.

Health and hygiene experts recommend thorough and regular cleaning to keep homes safe from viruses and other germs. Unfortunately, interruption of cleaning services has added to the woes of customers who have been relying on professionals to clean their homes and keep from the hassle of domestic chores.

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