Futuristic Eco-Cooler uses zero electricity and recycled plastic bottles!

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Image Source: www.mastakongo.com

Living in a tropical country, we, Singaporeans often complain about the rising temperature courtesy global warming and hackneyed burning of forests by our neighbours. The heat is unbearable and life without air-conditioned interiors is unimaginable. Every house has two or three aircons installed to escape the hot weather.


(While writing this article, I am seated far from the window to avoid direct sunlight else it will burn my computer off)


However, we are not the worst affected comparing how other places on the earth fare. Let’s go to Rajbari in Bangladesh and inspect the conditions there. During the months of March –April, the average temperature soars above 45 degrees C. There are about 28,000 people living in tin huts. Being a flood prone region, tin is used to construct huts in rural Bangladesh instead of mud. Unlike the mud, tin heats up when sun rays fall directly on it and it wouldn’t take much of your imagination to realize how horrendous it is to live in such shelters especially during scorching summers.

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