LIFE = Attitude + Resilience + Dreams + Support

Dear Children,

I met with one of Singapore’s most inspiring woman of your time. Her name is Yip Pin Xiu and she is a double 2016 Paralympic champion in Swimming! The Rio Paralympic Games in Brazil ran from 7th to 18th September right after Olympics and it saw through 528 events including canoeing and triathlon for the first time. I was in awe. Her [all the Paralympians’] courage and dedication are beyond many and to think she broke World Records despite her disability made me look at life differently.

Do you know that Pin Xiu 姐姐*, who has muscular dystrophy, would have experienced her greatest downturn when she could no longer walk at 13 years of age? Muscular dystrophy is a muscle disease that weakens the muscles over time and Pin Xiu 姐姐 was born with it. She probably sat and sulked for a bit but her achievements epitomised her will to stand up again and no one else can bring her to where she is today except herself. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out but that grain of sand in your shoe. OBSTACLES are real and you being able-bodied with a healthy mind would have crossed the hurdle a lot easier than our special needs friends. How much effort is put into training for the Paralympic Games? No lesser than the Olympians. How many times have Pin Xiu 姐姐 fell short of her own achievements before succeeding? Countless. Prevail my children. In whatever stands in your way because you may unfailingly reach your goals.

My mother loved singing me to sleep with this Chinese folklore:
媚媚 is my name. The song tells you not to be afraid when you fall because look! If you do not stand up, you would have never seen that beautiful mountain filled with flowers that are blooming just for you. Remember to rise again when you fall.


“Do not worry about things you cannot control. We cannot control tomorrow. The only thing we should focus on is Today, the present. Only through your own efforts will you be able to live each day fully. Live the Moment.”
– Yip Pin Xiu [2016]

Oh I know. You are gong to say that this is easier said than done. It takes a lot of wisdom and tenacity to Live The Moment. Yet, this is the most beautiful manner to live; to enjoy; to appreciate.

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