Looking for a home cooked meal without hassle

Looking for a Home Cooked Meal Without Hassle?

Are you a working individual who is looking for home chef service in Singapore? Sendhelper is an online platform that caters to your need. At Sendhelper, we send cooks according to the cuisine requested by our customers. We have the expert cooks for every cuisine. Our trained cooks take the complete care of cleanliness and assures you the delicious food on your table. We also have the policy that our cooks will clean the cooking place after cooking the food so that you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your kitchen.

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Keeping a home clean when living with pets

Keeping a Clean Home When Living with Pets

You have to admit that if you have a pet in your home it adds a lot to your cleaning time. Almost all breeds of cats and dogs shed their hair which is a major challenge for any pet owner. Having a pet means that you need an extra hand while cleaning your home. Sendhelper will act as your personal assistant and will lend you the required extra hand for keeping your house clean. Our trained helpers will help you in sweeping and vacuuming the loose hair of your furry friends. Sometimes, it becomes an ordeal to deal with pets and maintain cleanliness at the house.

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