Interesting Ways People Do Laundry in Different Countries

Doing laundry can be boring. Even so, laundry can throw up interesting stories about people of different regions, their way of life and culture.


Laundry in Singapore
Source: Flickr

Uniquely Singapore is the tagline used by Singapore Tourism Board to attract visitors to the island showcasing a state-of-the-art nation blended with traditional and culture rich heritage. Besides the usual attractions, the local’s high-rise laundry living draws many an eyeball.

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A Guide to determine how often you should wash clothes

Washing machines need instructions but deciding when to wash your clothes needn’t. More often than not, we go by the rule of thumb: if the smell is too strong to stand, the cloth deserves a wash. Being said that, we all have wondered what would be a reasonable number of times to wear clothes before it goes to the laundry master. Here is a quick guide explaining how often you should wash different articles of clothing; only the most popular are featured here.

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