A Guide to Aircon Servicing: 4 Ways to Extend AC Lifespan

We can’t imagine a life without air conditioners at home or office in Singapore where the average weather is hot, humid and often rather oppressive. We run air conditioners day and night to keep ourselves cool from the tropical climate. At once, buying an air conditioner is relatively a big investment decision for an average household, and therefore keeping it functioning properly for a longer period of time is the only means to gain an acceptable return on your investment.

Here we will discuss ways to extend the lifespan of your conditioner and run it as long as possible.

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3 Air Conditioner Issues That Require Immediate Fixing

As we are forced to stay in the comfort of our home for a greater cause during the circuit breaker period, our domestic energy consumption behaviour has changed in terms of shift in periods of usage. But it hasn’t reduced. Work from home arrangement demands uninterrupted use of electricity to run computers, air conditioners, lights etc. for longer hours than before.

The constant use of electrical appliances for prolonged periods may result in them malfunctioning if not well taken care of. The circuit breaker measures have exempted emergency fixes and repairs of appliances like air conditioners from general restrictions that apply to other non-essential services. In this article, you can learn about some of the common problems with air conditioners that need immediate attention and professional care.

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Hiring a cleaner in the time of Covid-19: What you need to know

After introducing ‘circuit breaker’ as a social distancing measure to stop further outbreak of coronavirus in the country, the Singapore government deemed home cleaning as a non-essential service. The announcement restricts professional cleaners from accessing customers’ homes. An exemption, though, was made for disinfection service which is permitted.

Health and hygiene experts recommend thorough and regular cleaning to keep homes safe from viruses and other germs. Unfortunately, interruption of cleaning services has added to the woes of customers who have been relying on professionals to clean their homes and keep from the hassle of domestic chores.

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Dressing up for Zoom meetings: The new normal

History suggests pandemics and economic depressions result in upheaval of how the world operates and gives rise to novel ways of living which eventually become the new normal. The new coronavirus and the outbreak of Covid-19 across the globe has steered companies in a new direction to adopt some unprecedented measures including compulsory working-from-home for their employees. 

Although one would imagine working from the comfort of home is an offer one can’t refuse, there have been reports of people unable to mend their ways that fit into the new lifestyle the pandemic has brought about: staying productive as well as presentable at home.

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Disinfection of business premises: A definitive precaution during Covid-19

With the Covid-19 ‘circuit breaker’ period extended by four weeks until June1, more restrictions on social life are implemented by the government of Singapore. Nevertheless, most essential services will continue to operate to provide for the basic necessities of the citizens.

Restaurants, grocery and other retail stores, facilities management, healthcare services etc. fall under essential services. A list of essential services is available on the government website here.

Amidst the on-going business operations during the circuit breaker period, it is important for businesses to follow the guidelines issued by the government to keep their premises hygienic and contamination free: regular cleaning and disinfection is the key to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19 and to protect your staff, customers and the public in general.

If your premises have been shut down due to restrictions, you might as well perform disinfection during this period and assure your employees and customers that the place is safe to access once they return after the restrictions are lifted.

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Doctors-on-Call now available on sendhelper.com

Are you homebound in need of special medical attention? Worried about visiting GP given the current risk of contagion? Do you need a doctor in the middle of the night? Sick and unable to go out and get MC? Fret not! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of Doctors-on-Call service in partnership with Speedoc. Now through Sendhelper, you have access to hospital-level care by Speedoc’s team of qualified doctors and trained nurses at your preferred location, any time, island wide.  

As our customer, you are eligible for discounts on Speedoc’s full suite of 24/7 on-demand healthcare services. 

What is included?

  1. Doctors – Visits to your home or any location for primary and urgent care, preventive care (health check-ups), on-the-spot medication, ordering scans and lab tests, and medical certification.
  2. Nurses – Visits for bedsores management, wound dressing, NGT insertion, urine catheterisation, IV drips/ antibiotics, immunisations and vaccinations, and caregiving training.
  3. Ambulance – Non-emergency transport to the hospital and transport back home.
  4. Allied Health – Includes referrals to dieticians, physiotherapists and caregivers.

Why choose to get a GP visit you?

  1. Hospital-level Treatments – Access to hospital-level treatments like IV hydration therapy, mobile ECG, mobile ultrasounds and suturing of wounds at home.
  2. Quality Medical Services – Treatment by qualified doctors who are fully licensed by the Singapore Medical Council.
  3. Island Wide Network – Enjoy prompt medical attention by a qualified doctor nearest to you.
  4. Convenience – Get consultations, medication, MCs, vaccinations, health check-ups and management of chronic conditions without stepping out of home. 
  5. Upfront Transparent Pricing – Review consultation fees prior to confirmation of visit request.

How to make a booking?

Simply visit our website www.sendhelper.com/doctor and fill up a form in less than 2 minutes. You will receive a call from Speedoc to confirm the visit. For requests from 10pm to 8am, simply call the doctor helpline mentioned on the booking page. 

Enjoy 10$ off on your total bill when you book through our website or when you call. The service will be available on Sendhelper app soon, stay tuned! Stay safe, stay healthy. 

Five reasons to hire laundry service in Singapore

Whether your glass is half full or half empty, if you take a quick look around your living space, you will find your laundry basket always full. No matter how optimistic you are, laundry piled up high is a nightmare for most of us. Even if you are diligent enough to plan doing laundry while juggling other important tasks in life, we would say it is prudent enough to hire professional laundry service for reasons below:

  • Professional care

How often have you been perplexed by the labels on your linen with washing instructions? Every piece of cloth requires different care and wash. Now, that’s a daunting task; so what do you do? Dump all of them together into the washing machine for a quick spin? You can perhaps imagine how your clothes wear off so easily. Your clothes not only require proper care but also professional care. Professional and best laundry service providers use good and recommended washing techniques so that your clothes last for many years. They follow the washing instructions without fail. Sustainable fashion activists also rally behind professional laundry care services because fast fashion has proven harmful to our environment.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: A message from the CEO

Dear Patron,

Hope you are safe and well. On Friday last week, the Government laid out additional measures to control community transmission of COVID-19. We are hopeful that these measures will bring us back to normal times sooner, rather than later.

In support of these developments, we are taking additional steps to ensure a safe environment for all customers and service providers. For the period between 7th April 2020 and 4th May 2020 (the “Circuit Breaker” period), the following will be applicable:

Cleaning & Cooking temporarily suspended

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) have confirmed to us today that during the period of 7th April 2020 to 4th May 2020, all home cleaning & cooking activities will be temporarily suspended.

You can still post jobs for 5th May 2020 and onwards. All cleaning and cooking jobs will resume from 5th May 2020.

Recurring and ad-hoc jobs scheduled within the Circuit Breaker period will be paused and completed 5th May 2020 onwards. Please email us at info@sendhelper.com to let us now your new preferred dates.

We are working actively with MOM to support cleaners and cooks on our platform in this time of distress. If you would like to help your service provider in any way, feel free to let us know and we will facilitate that.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning will be operational

Our Service Providers have been granted exemption by the Government and will continue to operate as usual. If you wish you can request for contactless pick-up and delivery in the comments section of the job request page.

Handyman Services will be operational

All exempted service providers will be available as usual to take care of your emergency repair and fixing needs. Please mention the nature of fault/emergency repair/fix in the comments section of the job request page.

AC Repair Services will be operational

All exempted service providers will be available as usual to take care of your emergency repair and fixing needs of your air conditioning units. Please mention the nature of fault/emergency repair/fix in the comments section of the job request page. 

Please note that scheduled maintenance activities will not be carried out if the air conditioning units do not need any repair or fixing or servicing to improve its performance. This means, that if your air conditioning units are working fine, the scheduled servicing will be conducted 5th May 2020 onwards. If your servicing was scheduled to be conducted during the Circuit Breaker period, please contact us at info@sendhelper.com for new dates in May 2020. 

Pest Control will be operational

All exempted service providers will be available as usual to take care of your emergency pest issues. Please mention the pest problem in the comments section of the job request page.

Please note that scheduled visits of existing contracts will not be carried out if there are no visible pest problems. Regular, scheduled visits will be conducted 5th May 2020 onwards. If your scheduled visit was slated to be conducted during the Circuit Breaker period, please contact us at info@sendhelper.com for new dates in May 2020. 

Elderly Care will be operational

As an essential service, Elderly Care will available as usual. 

NEW!!! Doctors-on-call

In view of the current situation, we are working with partners in the healthcare industry to bring to you Doctors-on-call within this week. This will allow you to call doctors to your home to get full medical care and medicines. All in the comfort of your home! The service will be available via our website. Stay tuned for updates via email!

Thank you for reading all our updates. We are committed to fighting COVID-19 and ensuring everyone’s safety. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any suggestions for us.

Should you need any assistance during this time, give us a call or email us. We will do our best to mobilize resources needed to help you.

Stay healthy, stay safe. Thank you for choosing Sendhelper.

Best wishes,                                                                    

Rupam Biswas
CEO, Sendhelper

A guide to finding a reliable plumber in Singapore

Leaking water tap, broken pipes, a choke in the toilet bowl, clogged drain, a faulty heater! These are familiar plumbing problems you experience at home. If you believe in Murphy’s Law, you know anything that can go wrong will go wrong. But the key is to fix these. So, instead of stressing out, you have two options: (1) Fix it by yourself if you have the essential tools, expertise, and time or (2) Hire a reliable plumber whom you can rely on and stay worry-free.

Factors to consider before hiring a plumber

  1. Experience – You should be wary of hiring the services of just about anyone who presents themselves as plumbers on websites like Gumtree, Locanto or similar online portals. When you contact a plumber or a plumbing service company, ask for their years of experience in doing the kind of work that you intend to entrust them with. If possible, check for their reputation online through Google business ratings or customer feedback. Plumbing is an expensive affair, one wrong move will result in disaster and unforeseen additional expenses.
  2. Licence – Since October 2018, Singapore government has made it mandatory for plumbers to obtain a licence for performing services more complex than the installation of a sink or unblocking of floor traps. A licensed plumber or a plumbing company is a sign of trust and expertise. They can also assure warranty for services offered. What else do we need for our peace of mind?
  3. Insurance – Despite hiring the best plumber in town, circumstances may arise where your plumbing job goes wrong resulting in further damage to your property. We recommend you to hire someone who offers you some level of insurance protection.
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4 Tips to Stay Sane While Working from Home

With the spread of coronavirus across the globe, governments have issued international travel bans and restricted public commute and gatherings to encourage social distancing. In line with these policies companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook etc. are recommending their employees to work from home until the foreseeable future to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Although flexible work arrangements in the corporate sector have been on the rise in the recent past, for many teams working from home is a first. If you are not used to working from home, the current situation throws several challenges at you from prioritising work versus household chores to staying alone versus going out for a cocktail party with colleagues after work. Inadvertently, you are forced to change your routine and lifestyle.

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